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  1. Hello Nursing Fam, I am hoping to get some questions answered about OR Nursing and future goals/plans. I would appreciate it About me: I am currently a student at Duke finishing my BSN program and so far, I've loved the operating room when I did my rotations in Maternity. Even before that I was already researching this career path. Does anyone know if new grads are welcomed into the OR in the SF Bay Area? I ask because I hear that in certain specialties like the ICU, new grads are not typically hired into without a year or two of experience. Would this apply to the OR? I am in my last 2 semesters of my BSN, and I will be in PeriOp1 3rd semester and PeriOp2 during 4th/last semester. My hope is to go back home to the SF Bay Area and work as an OR nurse. Pay: How is the pay/hr like for OR nurses in the SF Bay Area? Do OR nurses take call a lot, and are there incentives for this? How does that work? I ask because one of the primary reasons I went into nursing was because of the flexibility and pay. I am naturally a curious person and try to find out as much info as I can before starting something. I may be getting ahead of myself here with all these questions! Thank you for reading and hope to hear from someone
  2. bayarea123

    Nursing: I Almost Gave Up...Before I Even Started

    I felt like you wrote many of my thoughts down! Especially about starting off as business major, taking a year off school to work at a tech company. I was in college for two years as a business/computer science major, and decided to take a year off school to see if I really wanted to stay in the tech field. The books and real life application can be vastly different. During my year-long internship I started looking into nursing since it always crossed my mind! (Although I had some doubts since I had never took any college level chemistry or bio courses). After months of research, speaking with nurses and the overall career of nursing seems more of a fit. Now, I have to decide whether I should drop my full scholarship to UC Berkeley (transfer student) and finish my remaining year and a half there to get my bachelors degree (while also taking a few prerequisites there) or just slowly take the few prerequisite classes at the community college and apply to nursing school. Both routes would take roughly the same time, which is why it's a hard decision for me. Gah and I was accepted to UC Berkeley during my gap year when I was doing my year-long internship. I startedthen realizing I can't see myself doing his for another 30-40 years.