Duke ABSN Fall 2019

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Thread for the incoming 2019 Duke ABSN applicants so we can help each other out through the application process.

4 minutes ago, abcdenrse said:

Hi, I will be in town on Wednesday too. I’d love to see the Duke Lemur Center too. Which tour option did you pick?

Hi! I will be doing the public tour option #1: Lemurs Live

2 minutes ago, projext58 said:

Hi! I will be doing the public tour option #1: Lemurs Live

Cool. I will see if I can book the 11:30 session too. Hope to see you there.

Is anyone going on the 22nd??

I can't wait to meet the ABSN 2019 cohort in August! Does anyone know if we will have to purchase scrubs through the school or if the university will provide Duke patches to apply to our own scrubs?

On 3/17/2019 at 8:46 PM, Hopefulnurse5233 said:

Is anyone going on the 22nd??

I went on the 22nd. A very impressive program for sure.

Hey everyone! Has anyone officially put their deposit down? Excited to meet everyone in August!

On 3/13/2019 at 5:50 PM, Hopefulnurse31 said:

Are you going to go to JHU??

I just received another acceptance letter for a school in Portalnd, OR. If I get aid from them, then I might switch gears. I received half the aid from JHU.

Has anyone gotten in yet off the waitlist?

I just got off the waitlist and received my admissions letter! I am so overwhelmed especially because Duke is such a prestigious school. I will have to wait and see my financial package before making any final decisions. Anyone else also hear back recently and planning on making a trip to visit the school?

Received notification today that I was accepted off the waitlist! Fingers crossed on the financial aid!

Curious, how does the merit durnam scholarships work at duke? That and need based would be the only way to pay.

On 2/13/2019 at 3:07 PM, kat105 said:

PM me.

@Hopefulnurse5233 did you ever get an answer about why @kat105 regrets Duke? I know a bit of time has passed since these posts but I am unable to send PMs and I’m really battling my decision of attending Duke or not right now. I was accepted for this fall and I’m just not sure if the cost is worth it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to apply for UNC because one of my prerequisites is about 6 months too old, but I was accepted into UNCG; I just know this school isn’t quite the caliber of UNC or Duke...

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