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Ok so I am almost to my test date and am trying to figure out my last minute studying stuff. Of course I know I should study infection control, prioritization and medications. My question is what kind of meds should I study?! I figure I should know beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, digoxin, lithium...can anyone else think of big ones? Obviously I can't study them all (and yes I have studied some of them before) I am just trying to think of last minute review things...that I want to make sure I cover! Thanks so much!


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Antibiotics side effects--tinnitus, headache, N/V

Diuretics (-zide)--potassium-sparing and nursing implications

Synthroid- for hypothyroidism; take in the morning on an empty stomach

Different insulins--long-acting versus rapid acting and when to give each

S/E of steroids--Cushing's-like symptoms

Use Antabuse for impulsive drinking--don't administer if pt has had alcohol in past 24 hours


For benzodiazepines, give Romazicon (flumazenil)--both have a 'z' in them

For beta blockers, give epinephrine

For Coumadin, give vitamin K (both have a hard K sound)

For Digoxin, give Digibind

For Heparin, give Protamine Sulfate

For Iron, give Deferoxamine (think "fer" for iron)

For Potassium, give Kayexalate (the symbol for potassium is K+, and KAYexalate starts with KAY)

Just throwing some random things out there off the top of my head! But insulins for sure! Good luck to you!


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Oh yeah those are good ones. I don't know why I didn't think of diuretics and insulin!


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Honestly, I didn't review meds at all. The meds I had I could figure out by the question and breaking down the answers, eliminating two and then taking the best shot. Will find out tomorrow if I passed or not but according to the "trick" I should be OK. I didn't review meds really because one of my clinical instructors (under 30 years old) told us not to waste our time trying to remember and study meds. So I didn't.

Hope that helps. The meds you learned through clinical and pharm classes will help and it will all come back to you.


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Well in all honesty I can't review that many I test next week. I figure I will review the main ones and hope that helps me remember them ha.


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Anyone else have any tips? I will take any that I can get ha.

know the side effects of the drugs and the nursing implications, know that by heart...


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I have decided I hate studying! Luckily only a lil while more to go!

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