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I live and work PRN as an RN in Missouri.

I do not have a medical marijuana card but it is legal recreationally in Missouri. 

I am applying for a NON-healthcare part-time job. They purportedly do not test for THC but reserve the right to. 

My question: If I test positive for THC on this NON-healthcare drug screening, can they legally report the results to the BON in Missouri?

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Missouri State Drug Testing Laws


Employers may still maintain drug-free workplace rules, and they may discipline or terminate employees for using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana while at work. Use caution when making hiring, discipline, and termination decisions when marijuana use may be off duty and lawful.


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Even before cannabis became legal in NY and before it became illegal to do pre-employment cannabis testing, my facility did not conduct drug testing.  I believe the policy has always been to test only if someone appears impaired at work.  A reasonable employer isn't very interested in your occasional light marijuana usage or getting involved in your personal medical conditions that may require benzodiazapines, etc as long as it doesn't effect the quality of your work.  Nurses are hard to find as it is.  There's no reason to exclude perfectly qualified candidates when the pool is so small.  This facility may have the same philosophy.  I'd try to find someone who works for them and dig up their standard for drug testing.  

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Many employers still drug test, even non healthcare, so if you take pot I would abstain for awhile.  I've heard you can buy drug testing kits for urine to know if you would test positive.  I've never checked into this, but the ramifications of a positive drug test are so severe if  you are going to work as a nurse or in the healthcare field it would only make sense to take precautions.  Even some herbal weight loss products have been found to have actual prescription weight loss meds, possibly controlled substances like phentermine similar to amphetamine ie speed so it is a good idea to be cautious.  The FDA doesn't regulate or test any OTC products so you really don't know what you are taking.

Some hospital systems actually use hair samples which give at least three months of data of any drug use, but I think most use urine or blood as its cheaper.  So as the other OP suggested it would be a good idea to find out what this employer does for testing. 

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