Drowning in BIO 202..What to do???

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I posted this in the student forum....wanted your guys' take on it............

Drowning in BIO 202..What to do??

Hi guys,

I need your advice. I am registered this semester in an online BIO 202 classs. I took BIO 201 last semester and, while I found it difficult, I passed with a B. Things have gone awry this semester though. I am battling burnout coupled with diagnosed depression and have gotten behind in my coursework. Last week I thought I had my mind made up to drop the class, but I talked myself out of it and made up last weeks assignments. Now, I am trying to do the assignments that were due lastnight and I can't get it. It is Cardiovascular system...heart and all the blood vessels.

The question I come to is to trace the route of blood flow from the capillary beds of right thumb to capillary beds of left thumb. Same thing for "from the pulmonary vein to the pulmonary artery by way of the right side of the brain". I obviously didn't get the heart part down cuz I am lost BIG TIME.

I feel I may be able to push through if I could get a tutor somehow to meet me in the EVENINGS. I have a full time job so not all things are possible. Uggh. I am just disgusted in myself but know that online is always a risk. Especially for the understanding of the physiology part of the class, which is what I am lacking. I need to "see" it, but barely have enough time to finish my assignments!:rolleyes:

If I drop, my appilication for nursing school will be sent back to me and I will have to wait another semester to apply, but the pro is I can register for a physical class in the Spring 05. That will also mean almost $400 for my current book and tuition wasted.:o I cannot commute the physical location of this college...it is too far away from me to go in the evenings (for tutoring). In the spring I would register for another local CC closer to me.

What do you think I should do? Face reality and realize it is not going to happen? How do I find a tutor now, and if I could, could I get caught up in time? I cannot take time off work, I have no vacation. I already took it all to take CNA classes. I need to figure out what I am going to do so I can quit breaking out in tears over my homework!!!

Do you think I can be saved or am I done for?????????

You know, this kind of stuff was really fun for me before I was "required" to study it in school!!LOL!!!:rotfl:

Well, that's it. You guys are in Arizona. Is there anyone on this forum that thinks they could help me? I may be willing to pay for it if you think it is salveagable. I NEED a tutor at this point. I cannot understand this just from the book!!!! :crying2: :crying2:


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Oh no! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Are you in week 5, then?

What do you think the problem is? Is it a time management thing?

I guess my suggestion would be to plug your way through it, try to salvage whatever you can from the first half of the class, then start again after the midterm with a clean slate and a renewed vow to keep up with your work. Even with a bad midterm grade (and you can do as poorly as 30-40% on it and still pass the class, depending on how well you do on the final), you can still make it if you apply yourself after you take the midterm. You can even still apply yourself after you finish up the cardiovascular system. That's the great thing with the Rio Bio classes - once you finish a unit, you move on and you don't necessarily have to build upon knowledge you already have (other than being able to answer the applicable questions on the midterm/final).


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Every student can get a tutor online! I have used it and it is sort of like instant messaging. It worked for me when I was having trouble in another class. I am assuming you are at Rio. http://www.rio.maricopa.edu/services/student/support/tutoring/biology.shtml

You have to register for it but it is free and you get a certain amount of time alloted to you for each class, each semester.

Hang in there. You are in the final stretch. And give your meds for depression time to kick in.

Thanks guys. I know, I know.........if I could just push thru this test, I can start all anew with the second half of the class. I just don't know if I am going to get over whatever this is I am going thru. I never feel better! My back aches all the time when I sit at work and it does NOT help that I have to come home and sit some more at night and on the weekends studying/doing homework.

Andrea....I HATE the meds. I have only taken them twice and the side effects were horrible!! Uggh!! I may have to go back to my doctor and discuss it some more before I take more. They make me very zombie like.

There really are so many things going on in my life, I just need to figure out where I need to concentrate my efforts. It does not help that I am not "sure" of nursing. Currently, I am looking for a seasonal second job in addition to my full time job in addition to passing this class...........AND I am going thru depression........so, something's gotta give, and my mental health must have priority or I will be a worthless nurse anyway. Maybe this all is going to show me if I have what it takes.

It is my decision to make. I either need to quit my full time job and go part time somewhere else, or I need to drop this class. I cannot keep both. I want the seasonal job to make some extra $$ and possibly secure a part time position if I do quit my full time job. Again, LOTS of stuff blowing around in my head.

Thanks you guys for helping me all you really could. This is for me to figure out I suppose.....:crying2:

Ok, well, I've quit crying and sniveling and have decided to "nut up".

If I get an offer for this part time position I interviewed for today I am going to accept it and QUIT my full time job. I just can't work all of it and school anymore. Certainly not 2 jobs and school, right!:rotfl:

I think this will give me the focus I need. Yes, I'll be broke but succeeding in school has to be more important if I expect to ever do anything more substantial with my life. Wish me luck. I should know if I got the job by next week. It is a no brainer, so let's hope..:rotfl:


Hey, Everybody run around and do a happy dance!!!!

Janice made a decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:coollook: :rotfl: :rotfl: :uhoh3:

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I deserve a :saint: !!!!

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what did you decide :p?

some friendly advice...i'd reduced the amount of hours working. take that part-time job if offered. then i would focus on your class at hand. i would make use of the online tutor, do your assign reading & projects early. that way if you have questions, you can make inquiries to your instructor before any points are deducted from your grade.

take advantage of online services such as:

caring 4 you. they have several links located at the top of the page...links you could use like: interesting & fun reference & helpful education links. gray's anatomy online link, you'll find some great diagrams. check out the illistration link & look at the following pics:

#489 through #520 & also look at #1218. when you click on those pics, the site will further explain.

well i hope this helps ~ you should do fine if you still to a plan!



p.s. before your mental state deteriorate too badly, i would withdrawal from the online class, take that part-time job to reduce your stress, wait for your medication therapy to take affect, then resume classes when feeling better.


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My first recommendationis ALWAYS to stay out of nursing.

However, when it comes to biology, try to think of the organism in a mechanical way. Anatomy and physiology are easier that way -- structure=function and function=structure.

And I know it is irrelevant at this point -- it's just that it frustrates me that anyone should have difficulty with anything so simple as blood circulation. And I know it is because it is not being explained well.


I don't quite know what to make of your post.:chuckle I can't tell whether you are insulting me or trying to help:chuckle Anyway, yeah they do not explain it well. Problem is, this is an online class so NO ONE is explaining it to me. I read this huge textbook and I am expected to understand from that. But, I got myself into it so I will get myself out of it.

Why do you say your first recommendation is "always" to stay out of nursing? Dare I ask?:rolleyes:


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No slight intended. I guess saying it is simple sounds like an insult, but I only meant that teachers and textbooks can really complicate it and muddy the waters.

I regret becoming a nurse. It has more to do with the culture of nursing than taking care of sick people.


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No slight intended. I guess saying it is simple sounds like an insult, but I only meant that teachers and textbooks can really complicate it and muddy the waters.

I regret becoming a nurse. It has more to do with the culture of nursing than taking care of sick people.

Reading the nursing code of ethics sure makes one think that a few nurses had alot of time on their hands. :chuckle

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