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I am thinking about dropping my college algebra course and taking it again next semester. I understand the information but I have been having trouble completing the test in the hour given. We have had two tests so far and I have gotten 50's on both (I have all 100's on my homework) because I have only made it through about 1/2 of the test by the time class is over. I have asked if I could take the test in a testing center but the instructor refuses because it would be unfair to the rest of the class. So...... I feel if I drop the course now I can save my gpa and try again next semester.What are your thoughts? Has anyone been through this situation? PLEASE HELP!!

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I was in a similar situation. I was accurate but slow! The only way I got through it was working all the problems in the text (not just the probs assigned for homework) sometimes twice over so that I did them more confidently. I basically did double and triple what other people in the class did, but it worked for me and I got through with As in my math classes. However, when I was taking math, that is the only class I took that semester.

In your case, I wouldn't drop the class unless you KNEW you were going to use the time between now and then doing every problem in the book until you can do them drunk and standing on one leg while whistling the theme music to Mission Impossible! If you spend the time ignoring the problem, you will only have to face the same problem again down the line. If you have to drop to save your GPA then you have to do what you have to do. But LEARN from it!


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I totally know how you feel, I have algebra anxiety and a learning disability that can make math hard. (slight processing problem from a head injury)

I have never been good at algebra and I am the 1st to admit it too, I am taking Algebra 2 this semester and I started out in the regular classroom and was not doing well because I was not getting enough time to learn the material. So I talked with my teacher which happens to be teaching at the math learning center too. He suggested an individualized math program that they have and you do your lectures and quiz's online. You take your exams in the learning center with unlimited time. It is really working well for me so far and I am really feeling like I understand it. I would ask if your college does something like that. They offer it for Pre-algebra & algebra 1&2.

I didn't have to wait for a new semester to start either, it was a drop in style and they are really get you in the right pace for your learning style.

I wish you good luck! I am trying to finish up this class so I can take my Stats next semester... I am really excited! Stats make so much more sense!:up:


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Thanks for the input. I plan to continue studying and hope that next semester I can get a class that allows for a little more time during tests. I do great on homework but I do that at my own pace and that usually take me a while. The school also offers a course that includes computer software that follows that lecture. Has anyone had any experience with something like this? Also, I receive financial aid. Has anyone had problems in this area after dropping a course? I plan on talking with the fin. aid dept. next week (closed for spring break).


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Hi, have you thought about taking the class online? I am in your same situation. It takes me a while to absorb the info in math and science and the online math class was very successful for me.

Good Luck!

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Can you switch to an audit for the class? That way you would still be able to sit in the classroom and absorb the information, but you wouldn't take tests. You are not assigned a grade for the class and it does not hurt your GPA. Our school offers this option and several people I know audited the class the first time around. They were able to take the class the next time and had the advantage of having been through the material already.


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You might also consider going to the department at your school that handles students with disabilities and get yourself tested. My friend did this when both of her kids were diagnosed with learning disabilities. She thought she might have one herself. She was tested, and was diagnosed by the school. From that point forward, she got special arrangements for school. The biggest change was that she was given more time to complete tests. Nobody treated her any differently or picked on her. This just might be what you need.

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I was going to chime in and say that if there is something that keeps you from finishing the test on time and it's something that can be successfully addressed in a testing center, I didn't think that an instructor could say "no". I don't believe that's his call. I'd take this a little further and if you still feel the need to drop the course and re-enroll, then do so. The good thing about a math class is that there's little to no subjectiveness involved should you choose to duke this out.

Best wishes!!

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Math is definitely not my strongest subject either and I can completely relate. I get so intimidated by it! If you need to drop to protect your grade for application to nursing school then I would without hesitation do so. You may want, though, to look into alternative solutions. I had a girlfriend who was diagnosed with a learning disability in college...her school got her some extra help and tutoring and she passed with flying colors and has been working as a successful scientist for years now.

I personally did my algebra requirement in a self-paced class. We were required to spent 30 hours for the semester in the math lab, where there was an instructor for personal questions and the class was based out of an online venue that could also be worked from at home, utilizing video instruction and a program that walks you through solving problems step by step. All the homework was online and all the tests were via computer in the testing center. This suited me well since I do struggle with learning math. Having the option to review the same lesson several times and the ability to take as long as I needed on the tests was a godsend. Perhaps something like that would work well for you? It sounds like your instructor is rather inflexible...

Good luck...you will get through this!

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