Droplet precautions - HELP!


I know that you need a mask and private room for droplet precautions, BUT - do you also need gown and gloves.

I don't think I've EVER seen a health care professional use only a mask? I am taking my NCLEX next week and just brushing up on a few things.

Thanks in advance.


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Just a mask for droplet or airborne for that matter. Other PPE is PRN with these two. Good luck on your test!!!


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Remember that you must use standard precaution for all pts. For droplet you are adding to it and not deducting, meaning you will include private room, gown and mask to standard.


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I just took NCLEX yesterday and this study guide was extremely handy. Check out the transmission precautions--this was a life saver. Remember:

Airborne precautions: Keep the door closed

Droplet precautions: You need a mask; however, I had questions when I was prepping that gave rationales that family members could be within 3 feet and the door can be left open.

*Remember you can put 'dirty patients' together--so two people with similar infections can be put together.

Contact precautions: Gowns

I hope this helps, good luck!



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Gowns are not necessary for droplet. It's all about getting in via the respiratory system.


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YDR, you are awesome! thank you!