Dro p out of program/inability to find job in this wonderful economy

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I am almost at end of fundamentals course and I am debating on whether to drop out of course or just not return next semester despite all the hard work and success I am having. The problem is inability to find job in St. Louis area. I have applied everywhere and I don't even get interviews. I don't know if that says the economy is bad or i am a bad person. I don't network because I don't or can't ask anyone for a job.

Not sure what to do.


You don't network to ask for jobs, you network to keep in touch with people with maybe a prospect in the future of locating a lead. Networking is all about making friendships, or at least acquaintances. To be honest 99% of the reason I have Facebook is to network, to keep in touch with previous work buddies, schoolmates and the like.

Try retail for a quick job. Maybe Target, Big Lots, Walmart and the like. Scrub store?

I would think about the long run and what you will accomplish after you finish all your classes and get licensed. It may suck now and there may be sacrifices you have to do, like get a job at mcdonald's just to make ends meet. Don't forget the time you put in just to get into the program, a lot of people don't even get as far as you've done already. It took me almost 3 years to get into a program! I think you should just keep in school.

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I don't see how dropping out of school would make it easier to get a job. What would you gain by dropping out?

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I agree. If you drop out, how does this improve your chances of finding work? I'm assuming you are going to school so that you can be in a career that offers better opportunities than the ones you have right now, so even if you do drop out now and find a new job quickly, how are you any better off than you were before you decided to pursue nursing? In fact, my guess is you would be worse if you have taken out any school loans.

I've heard from my nursing instructors that nursing has gone through these hiring freezes a few times over the past 15 years and it eventually passes. You might as well continue and finish if you can and worry about a job later. Take things one step at a time, there is not guarantee that you will even get through the program so you may as well try

It's the economy. I haven't been able to find a job in 2 years. I even applied for a job where I volunteer at. It's the SAME THING I do for free, only a paid position. Not kidding, exactly the same. I have excellent recommendations from the staff I work with, and I didn't get it. I even sent hand written thank you notes. I cried. It's quite depressing. I've applied for thousands of jobs. I'm going to walk into Hooter's tomorrow to see if they will hire me.

But I agree, dropping out won't look any better nor will in increase your chances of being hired.

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