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Drinks in the nurses station...


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hey all,

are you allowed to keep drinkin your nurses station at work? if so, any mandates around it? i am pushing to be allowed to have drinks in the station and need some info on how to do so.

we have been told continuously by our nms that jcaho says no-no to this practice,

little background on why i am pushing for this...

the other day i assisted the security staff in restraining a combative pt. i felt fine running down to help and even during the whole situation, but i vagaled down after the incident was over. i went to the er and to our occ health specialist, but of whom confirmed the i just vagaled down and had a near-syncopal episode. they mentioned the reason why i probably went down was because i needed to push more fluids and just did not have enough on board.

i hear you!

nurses will have to have that no fluids in the nursing station banned---through some type of legal proceedings.

but remember---jcahco accreditation is voluntary.

anyway, our health is dependent upon removing this restriction. nurses work long hours and our bodies need the fluid replenishment, too.

best of luck to you---and all of us!



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But remember---JCAHCO accreditation is voluntary.

Anyway, our health is dependent upon removing this restriction. Nurses work long hours and our bodies need the fluid replenishment, too.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU---and ALL of us!


JCAHO is necessary if you want federal funds - like Medicare and Medicaid. BUT I agree that the no drink rule is stupid but as a ICP I had to enforce the rule and some people abuse if you look the other way till Joint - I found someone drinking a coke at a LAB STATION where he was doing CBCs - let's talk about drinks in a place where B/BFs are!!!! :specs:

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If anyone at my job EVER tells me that I cannot have a closed drink beside my computer station at work, they will have to hire some other poor slob to work in such inhumane conditions. Give me a break.

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