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In addition to what was said here, I would have an extremely difficult time taking an instructor seriously if they wrote like "u no u aren't supposed 2". It is very difficult to assume you know what you're talking about when you aren't even writing sentences. If you want to get into nursing instructions, and that is awesome and I hope that you do, I recommend that you practice your writing skills. What better way to start than here on the forums!


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Never use the inner wrist, thats a great way to nick a tendon, nerve, or artery.

If you can't get it, ask for help! Otherwise heat, positioning, going for feel rather than sight; all good recommendations.


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I always always ALWAYS use a BP cuff for IV starts or phlebotomies (we don't do blood draws where I work unless it's through a PICC). But I find fragile veins blow less often with BP cuffs and you get better results on those with deep or hidden veins. Use a manual and inflate to about 90mmHg or less (70 or so) in very thin elderly with very prominent veins n

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