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Hi to all you wonderful OB/GYN nurses!

I am a school RN pg with my first, I'm 21 weeks and I was thinking about hiring a doula to assist with my L & D.

What sort of experiences have you had with labor assistants?

What sort of thoughts run through your head when you see a pt arrive with a doula?

I'm just curious about your opinions seeing as how you deal with laboring women on a daily basis :)

I mostly want to hire her b/c I know my husband would be a lousy "coach" and I used to work at the hospital that i'm going to deliver in and I know that it's rare that an RN can stay with you t/o the entire labor.

Thanks !

we rarely have them. i think they are more common i the long island area than here in rural pa. i did work w/ a doula several weeks ago. she was great. if it makes you more comfortable, i am all for it. just try to hire someone a friend or relative has had a good experience with and that you have some "chemistry" with. it's great you get to pick your doula since you can't choose your nurse or sometimes even dr/cnm doing delivery. best of luck and congratulations to you.

I love working with them as an RN. They help me tremendously in supporting labor patients, especially during my busy times.

Try meeting w/doulas NOW. Interview several. Get to know who you want there. Find out what their fees cover and what they don't. When you find that person who fits your needs, all you need do is relax and enjoy your birth experience. Studies show the involvement of a doula has many benefits, including lessened chances of surgical intervention (to include csection and episiotomy) and definate enhancement of the birth experience for the whole family. The doula's job is to ADVOCATE for you.....be there for you thoughout labor, delivery and recovery, and be your support person in every way.

I have rarely worked with doulas that are too pushy or difficult (from an RN point of view). Most were WONDERFUL and likely worth every PENNY of their fee. Just make sure you tell the nursing staff and your doctor in advance you plan to have a doula with you and be clear in what your expectations are in your birth plan HOWEVER, PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE whenever possible; things can change on a dime in labor and delivery.

I wish you the best of luck in a safe delivery and happy, healthy baby.

I'm a nursing student and just a couple of weeks ago, we had a doula accompany a laboring mom. I was in the nursery watching the monitor. Mom pushed for 4 hours and 15 minutes - no pain meds! This particular doula was not very cooperative with the nursing staff or MD. But there was nothing we could do since it was mom's wish to have her there. This doula is also not allowed in this hospital anymore because she was trying to tell the doctor how to do his job.

So definitely do your research and interview before you decide.


I personally like doula's but i could be biased being i am a doula my self:). just like anything else there are good and bad ones

I agree with Mark, I love Doulas :) I think every pregnant mother deserves one ;)

If you are interested, I could give you some links, just PM me!

I have worked with good ones and bad ones, but I have found a good close friend is sometimes just as good, if not better, and they don't charge and they're happy to be there.

My issues are when the doulas try to hand out medical advice, speak to me for the patient instead of letting the pt speak, and sometimes the attitude the doula presents "this is us, that is them" as if the medical staff is there to "get" the patient, and the doula is there to protect the pt from harm. As I've posted before, nothing irks me worse than when the laboring mother is stuggling, and the doula tells her birth story...the pt doesn't care at that point, and that's not what we're here for.

I had a wonderful doula a few nights ago, and I don't know how you'd know in advance unless you got referrals and asked previous people about the doula.

I had a doula for my first child's birth. She was very good at helping me through a terrible labor. However, I did not get pain med and am not sure if this is because of the nature of my labor or if they were not offered because she was there. So, if you do hire one (which is a good idea I think), just be sure to be very clear about what you want. My labor was horrible but she thought it was wonderful because I stayed calm and in control. So our perceptions of things were just a little bit different. Best wishes to you.

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