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I will start by saying I love allnurses and it has helped me so much even though this is my first posting! Okay so here goes ..I have been anxiously waiting for my letter which is most likely going to be bad news. The only reason I am saying this is because I have been stalking my schools own messages boards and people are getting rejected with scores higher than mine from other locations. These applicants aren't in the same pool that I applied too but it still makes me nervous. I am only 20 and I know I have plenty of time to reapply and I also applied for the LPN program which i feel like I might have a better chance to get jn, but I just feel like I am disappointing so many people. My dad is a nurse, my aunt, and my boyfriends mom who I am really close with. Every time I try to tell my dad I might get into the LPN he tells me not to do it and that they are phasing them out here and it is a bad idea. I am not sure if he understands I can transition as soon as I graduate even though I explained it to him. I am so worried that they will be disappointed and I want them to be proud, I want to be a nurse so bad and I'm going to get there somehow, it just may be a different path to get there than how my family imagined. Any advise or comments would be appreciated thanks for letting me vent!!!!!!

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ummm... an LPN IS a nurse.

Don't let your family's expectations rule your life.You are an adult and it's YOUR life. Live it as you want to.There is no shame in being an LPN. If that's what you want to do, do it. The only persons opinion that truly matters is your own. If they truly love you they will want you to be happy, not providing approval based on their own expectations.

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a Licensed Practical/Vocational NURSE sits down and takes the Nclex to be licensed just as an RN does. Looks like you already have a plan B if you do not get accepted into an RN program. You're doing what you gotta do for YOU not your family. Continue to do what makes you happy and life easier for you. You're the one that will be doing the work and your skills are going to determine if you are going to pass/fail classes so do not depend on anybody to get it done for you. Yes you will need a support system and im sure they will be there for you no matter what decision you make

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Like others have said, an LPN is a nurse. I understand you want to eventually become an RN and as you know, you can continue on to do that. There is no shame in becoming an LPN. If you don't get into an RN program right away and you would like to go to the LPN program in the mean time, I say do it...and do it proudly. If you show your strength and determination, your family will most likely see that and support you.

I felt the same way. Didnt want to disappoint my family if i dont get into the program the first time around but overall you have to do whats best for you and as long as your doing your best thats all your family can ask for. Being an LPN first is perfectly ok...You may do that and see that maybe this isnt what you really want to do. You have to choose your own path. Whaever you decide i pray for the best for you . Im waiing to submit my nursing application now too. Godd Luck :-)

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