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Primip comes in, SVE, 9cm, pt wants an epidural, anesthesia just finished a case and is free, standing at the nurses station. Anesthesia comes in, starts IV for you while you set up room. SVE after IV, complete, +2 station, intrathecal placed, MD called while intrathecal being placed. MD at bedside in 12 min, set pt up, crowning, one push, SVD viable female infant, spontateous vigorous cry, apgars 8 and 9. At 25 min of age with about 2 min of assistance, latches on to mother's breast that literally looks like a bottle they are so perfect (for breastfeeding purposes) perfect latch, nurses for 30 min on the left, 45 min on the right mom says it doesn't hurt at all!

So, are you all jealous of the perfect patient that I had last night???


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Pt comes in 4-5. Epidural at 6. Progresses moderately so that I have time to do paperwork. Pushes like a champ. A doctor who likes to deliver in the bed w/ no episiotomy. Baby with apgars of 9/10. Small bleeding and a baby w/ a great latch.

All of this no where near shift change.....

LOL I am in fantasy land!!


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I think you had a perfect night! Glad to hear about something GOOD happening for once! Here's to another GREAT night!

Dayray, RN

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I love patients like that


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got too much patients, too much pressure, alot of demand from relatives...and less sleep!


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Woo, glad you guys had great nights. :)


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Very Nice!


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sounds like a perfect night...

now, tell me she is the perfect patient:


married ( or commiteed long term relationship)

and plans to raise her child w/ ethics, morals and knowledge!



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