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I'm a new grad LPN. I've applied to community college and will return to school in January to work towards my RN. I'm 29 years old. I had a day care in our home for seven years prior to starting PN school last fall. Daycare was consuming my whole life and I didn't have passion for it anymore (long hours, parents that didn't care about their kids, not the best income). My family was sick of it taking over our small house. We inherited just enough money for me to quit work and return to school for one year. Nursing has always been my dream. I worked hard and graduated at the top of my class.

I've applied to work everywhere that hires LPN's. We are running out of money fast and I don't know what do to. I've even stated I would work lesser positions. Should I call all these places I've applied to? I called a couple of places and didn't get the most welcoming response. Something like "if we want to interview you we will call". I just asked if the position had been filled. I've only had my license a couple of weeks but am beginning to feel hopeless and like I've made a mistake.

I wasn't picky about where I applied or hours. I submitted a resume and cover letter and sent thank you notes to the two people who have interviewed me. I know in some areas jobs are hard to come by but some of the others from my class are already working. I'm happy for them but sad for me :( Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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I am in a similar situation. I personally want to work in LTC so what I did was google a list of every nursing home in my area. I then looked up all the zip codes and grouped nursing homes together by zip code. Every morning I wake up and choose 5 nursing homes in the same area to apply to. I walk in, ask for a application, fill it out, and return it with my resume on top to usually a unit manager, DON or hiring manager. Asking to hand it in to a unit manager, DON, or the hiring manager is a MUST. They need to see your smiling face and shake your hand. Be remembered.

Also, go to or and look for LPN positions. Since you are running out of money, you want to go to those places first. Also pick up Job News or Employment News at your local grocery store (the free news papers near the carts- I have caught about 3 LPN postings in them).

Job hunting is the worst full-time job, ever! Just apply, apply, apply. Driving and filling out 5 applications a day takes about 4-6 hours. You can't just fill out 7 applications in person and email your resume online to a bunch of places expecting for a call back. It's not enough! And make sure you are "selling" yourself really well in your resume, too. I have mine closely perfected- if you want me to look at yours/show you mine, I'd be more than glad to. When you write about previous jobs unrelated to nursing you have to make the duties transferable to nursing. For example, I worked a fast food place and wrote on my resume that I maintained high standards of customer service, communicated clearly and positively with all coworkers and management, and followed procedures for safe food preparation, assembly, and presentation. So basically I said I have good customer service skills, can work well with others, and can follow procedures. All very important in nursing!

I have had 2 interviews in about 4 weeks doing this and I can tell you that no facility that I submited an application or resume to through the internet has contacted me. Go in person.

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wifeandmother : I will give you a quick congrats on your graduation and upcoming plans for more school. Now onto the business at hand ...... getting any job is extremely difficult these days. You need to step back from the immediacy of your situation and consider where you will be next year, or in five years . It's hard to do when the money is running low but lets look at what you have accomplished : raising a family, running a daycare, going to school. Getting this job WILL happen.

Have you prevailed before ? Did you succeed and march on ? It sure looks to me like you did. Why should things be different now ? The job hunt IS your job right now. Look on the internet, talk to friends that have jobs, if you see someone in the supermarket in scrubs ask them where they work ...... : Most important - keep the faith !!!! I know that good wishes don't pay the bills but you've got a great foundation and the tools for success. Take care : )

Instead of calling, try going in person. Dress ready to interview and take all of your employment paperwork. You might be able to garner an interview on the spot and get hired. If you are running out of money you might want to consider taking a CNA position, but only until an LPN position opens. And continue looking for LPN work until you hit the jackpot. Good luck.

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First off congrats on becoming a LPN. However, 2 jobs isn't that much. I know it's discouraging, but you have to keep going. I don't know how many jobs you applied for, but you need to apply to every hospital, snf, clinic you can think of. Also try going in person with your resume and trying to speak to recruiters. If you really need the money, you could try doing home health or flu clinics in the meantime. You can try applying to a couple of agencies as well.

It's flu season and clinics are up and running. Also wellness clinics. You may be a little late in the game but usually around this time they've figured out that they've got more work than staff or things have shaken up and they need more people, or different people, or more reliable people...or people with different skills, etc.

It's a good way to earn some cash while you're looking and a chance to get some experience.

Other websites to try for jobs are and believe it or not, Craigslist. Just be sure with Craigslist that if you see something that interests you that you google the company and research it first. Lots of legitimate offers there but plenty of scammers too.

It's a bad market for new grads, unfortunate but true, so just keep looking and don't give up hope. With your day care experience you might have some luck with clinics -- have you looked into Kaiser?

I bet you have some pretty good paperwork skills too...make sure you tell people you have excellent documentation skills! They will love that.

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I would go floor to floor at every local hospital and speak to the directors-with your license information. Apply everywhere. is a great place to look online. Home health facilities hire lpns, you can apply online there as well....

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I guess part of me is just angry. I thought nursing was a sure thing as far as a job after graduation. I didn't realize until half way through when I got on here looking for advice that things were so sporifice.

I've been to all the SNF's and LTC's within 20 minutes of my house. I'm going to stretch to the ones an hour away tomorrow. That is as far as I think it's reasonable to drive. I'm really not sure if I should use the gas money but don't know what else to do. Pray for me:nurse:

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UPDATE! I drove to a facitlity about 45 minutes from my house today and they interviewed me! They also sent me for a physical :) I'm hoping that means I'm hired!

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