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Don't give up :) believe in yourself


first and foremost, be (+) when taking the nclex. It is a hard test but no matter how much you study you have to believe in yourself and take away any negative thoughts from your head. don't walk into the nclex testing room with problems in your head or a clouded mind.

I am writing this as my testimony to those who have failed at least once the nclex. I know how you feel. you feel sad, disappointed, you question why did you fail if you studied so much. …...

this is what i did different…maybe it can HELP YOU! I HOPE IT DOES.

1. after i failed the first time, i didn't just jump into studying i gave myself a week to cry it out and let it all out. I started by making a list of what i did to study and i asked myself if those resources helped me.

2. instead of just studying certain things, i took a month and a week and studied everything again but differently.

3. I used Saunders comprehensive nclex review (questions too), and an app called Nclex mastery (cheap app not expensive, amazing questions), hurst nclex review. The saunders book along with hurst was an amazing combination. both companies know how to break things down to simple terms. Content is very important. (before i was more worried about how many questions in a day i did and not asking myself if i actually knew the content.)

4. I didn't do a whole bunch of topics mixing them up all together going back and forth (i did that the first time and got everything mixed up lol silly me). I knew i needed to break things down. I would do a comprehensive review on a topic (ex.respiratory), then i would do saunders questions and nclex mastery questions on respiratory, after that then i would move on and do the same for another topic. (make a list of the topics per day if you need too)

5. i would do 3 topics a day. (i wasn't working, i understand some people have full-time jobs).

6. this all took me a month and a week. I am not saying this will guarantee you passing but this was my strategy and this is what helped me. Everybody studies and learns differently. but i wrote this cause i want to help others too. I really do. I wish everybody the best of luck. Be positive and believe. also don't kill yourself studying don't fry your brain please. TAKE BREAKS. take an hour or two break between the review and questions, do yoga, watch a movie, do exercise, talk to a friend, walk your dog, get fresh air whatever makes you happy.

7. lastly I passed my nclex last week :) and i am sure if you read this you will to.

​this is the first topic i have ever written lol… hope it helped !

Rechilda, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, Delivery and OR Nurse. Has 4 years experience.

Congratulations! Best of luck in finding a Job! Thanks for the inspiring words. I'm so nervous now, 26th is almost here. Prayers for the both of Us! God Bless and Takecare

Thank you :) God bless you too and good luck !!

Congratulations!!!! I hope you find a job soon.

thank you so much, glad to help!

Congratulations!!!! I hope you find a job soon.

thanks so much, hopefully soon i'll find a job :)