DON lied.


So here's a question. Started a new job at an LTC/Skilled facility 3 weeks ago. I was hired as the Unit Manager of the Skilled Unit. I'm a new nurse (worked 5 months at a hospital on the skilled floor). Now, my common sense told me you don't hire a new nurse with 5 months experience as a Unit Manager, but they promised extensive training, so I figured what the heck. Hours were to be 10-6 M-F and on call every other weekend. Last day of my 2 week floor orientation and I go to the DON and ask about my schedule for the next week. She says M-F 7a -3p. I ask when the 10-6 starts. She says "It doesn't, where did you get that". I said you told me that in the interview. She said " I never said that". I was absolutely floored. I wouldn't have taken a 7a-3p shift. I don't do mornings, never have. Went to HR and explained what had happened and also explained that I have absolutely no clue what my job entails because I had only been trained to pass meds and do skin treatments etc. Also the supposed "Skilled Facility" is just an extension of the LTC that they call Skilled. I turned down another job on a skilled floor of a hospital to take this job because I thought the smaller, closer atmosphere would suit me better. I also found out the person they hired before me (a more experienced nurse) lasted 1 day and actually told the DON "Oh hell no" on her way out the door. Advice? Thoughts?


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If you don't like the position, leave. Or stay.


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How badly do you need the job at this point? If you were to immediately resign, you could leave it off your future applications and resume. You can stick around and see if you last two days or you could stay and flourish (although we all doubt that possibility!) Probably better to cut your losses and start a job search in earnest. I would start with asking about the other job just to make certain it is no longer open to you or another position at that particular hospital. Good luck.

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I called the other job on my way home from work today. It's a hospital and they need RN's so I'm hoping I can get another job offer. I really loved working skilled and I'm hoping to keep in that field.

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This does not sound like it will get better. I'm not too surprised by your employer's behavior. I think it happens more often that we think. Call your previous employer and see if your old position is still available or they have another position that may available to you.

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I got the other job I turned down to take this one. Thank goodness! From talking to other employees this is ,by far, not the first time the DON has lied to pull in prospective employees. How can you be an RN and lie like that. What about accountability for your actions? SMH in disbelief.