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Any DC graduates out there?

I wanted to know if any grads would mind sharing their experience with the accelerated BSN program...

How well are you prepared for the NCLEX test.. and general things like that..

thanks in advance



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hi are you referring to Dominica as in the Caribbean country? The Country of Dominica I'm familiar with it.

No, I am refering to the college in NY, but thank you for replying.;) I guess not that many people on here went to that school.:cry:


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I graduated from the accelerated program at Dominican College in May 2009. At first i was overwhelmed by the workload but I kept telling myself that the program was only one year and that it was worth the sacrifice and I was right. This is not a program that you can get through on your own, your classmates are now your new family. I could not have gotten through the program if I did not have the support of my classmates. My advice is as follows:

-Read assigned chapters before each class, it will help you in the long run.

-Do not study alone, you and your classmates should be bouncing information off of eachother. If your textbooks come with a study guide use it, trust me.

- I am a very quiet person, it can be helpful or hurtful. Therefore, ask questions even if you think they sound dumb. Better safe than sorry.

-Don't be afraid to speak up, you are paying for your education. There were many times when my class as a whole had to speak up and work out a few kinks.

-Be on time for clinical, being late is frowned upon but I am sure you know that by now.

-PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Make room for having fun it is essential if you want to keep your sanity during this program. Don't get me wrong if you have work to do, get it done. However, go out to the movies, dinner or do something that makes you happy. I am grateful that my family members had to rip the textbooks from my hands many times.

-*** Always be good to the ladies in the nursing office they will be good to you. They deserve the utmost respect.

As for the nclex, nobody coming out of nursing school feels prepared to take the exam. Preparation for the exam takes time. I did three reviews: ERI, Dr. DiDona and Rutgers. Looking back i was prepared after the first two. I also answered over four thousand questions from various texts and CD's before taking the exam and it was very helpful. If any of my classmates did not pass on the first try (very few) it was a result of performance anxiety and not from being unprepared. By the time graduation comes around you will be prepared to study for the exam.

I hope this was helpful, if you have any other questions let me know.

Best wishes, GwilliamsRN.


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Thanks for the details about the program! Congrats on being a nurse! yay!


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I wanted to get some help here ! I am looking to apply to DC for next May for accelerated nursing . I have a few questions . Is the program really hard to get into? I graduated 8yrs ago from a 4 yr college with a pretty stinky GPA 2.7 . Do you think Ihave a chance but my prereqs that I am currently taking are averaging a 3.5 . also what is the tuition like. I hope you all are doing well .



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I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a 4year degree and my avrg is a 2.8. I was planning on talking to someone who is in charge of the nursing department about my chances in getting into nursing at DC.

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