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Greetings All Nurses,

I just did a shift at a Catholic Retirement home for the convant (NUNS)! It was a blast! They were all very eldery and seemed to be open minded to a male nurse caring for them. I am definately the exception to their norm. In some ways I was uncomfortable knowing that I was nursing Sisters, especially during peri care and such (several had DRSG. changes in the peri area for CA). I thought though as several commented that they were comfortable with me caring for them with comments like Ï grew up with 6 brothers or such". They were welcoming to the fact that Ias a male could and did take care of them!

It was great! At the begginning of the shift I had several say something like oh you are the medication person, I corrected them with No I am the nurse! After the initial shock that some had (I asked each and everyone of my clients about their past and family) as a method of putting both of us at ease and build a therapeutic relationship. What was wierd, for half the shift I had a Sister as an aid who was 78 YEARS YOUNG! She did her job and very well at that! But she would even make a comment or two about this client or that (just like other assistants do in a secular world). I had one nun who said GOD D#*@ this and that with every task I had to do, she even went as far as to deny her name when asked. Eventually I asked the aid to help me track her down and that is when we had this GOD D#^$ conversation. I was a little taken back by her comments, thinking this is from a NUN! But it only shows people are people, even old nuns! LOL!

All in all it was so cool. I hope my agency gets a call back and they ask for me!;) This is from someone who really does not like Gerian care but does it to pay the rent!:eek: That is why I do Agency work, while still trying to find/get a hospital job.:) I did note one thing NONE of these women were on HRT, I think as many a HX of Breast CA+ that it was to risky for them to have this therapy (Nullipara). Two, other things that stuck me was that many were taking alternative/homeopathic medications and that many when talking about their past would tell me about being a teacher (This domination is a teaching sect), in fact it was on a college campus with the Mother House next door! But getting back to what struck me as different, all these very elderly women were feeling guilty about not doing what they had done for 40-70 years previous. Sort of like they thought they should still be doing what they had been taught to do in their youth (Many were double and triple PhD's). It was so neat talking with lucid and upitty elderly women. A real change from the norm of warehoused gerian clients. This order took such good care for their retired nuns, indoor swimming pool, jaccuzzi, and outings! It was a real pleasure to do this today:)

One other thing for those who are males and want to work in women's health this just shows you that you never know how by doing your job as a nurse it will open doors for other males in nursing. I know that from the reactions when I first arrived at the nursing home and was informed it was what it was and all the clients were nuns, that I was in an unexplored area for males in nursing especially in this institition. Of course they at first (it was the house manager) who greeted me at the door, were ready to send me home then for whatever reason she did not but I could tell she was very skeptable (Divine Intervention). Today I did my part as a Nurse and an agent for change!;)

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Sounds like you did a great job with these ladies


I really enjoyed reading your post. It was so positive and uplifting!! I hope I have many positive experiences like that when I finally graduate from school! Thanks!!

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Glad you had a good shift and were respected for the professionalism that you showed. Nuns can be fun to care for or they can be very crochety, dependent on the openess of their order. Hope they want you back!

Yay Jami,

I was touched, thank you for sharing your experience. I'm all for male nurses...even in L&D (many of the docs are male are they not??) I am sure they really enjoyed having you there as well. Hopefully you will get a call-back! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every geriatric pt had the kind of care available that these ladies did???

Of course Your communication is coming from North of the Mason/Dixon line. In the state of Georgia it is against the law for males to work these areas. Oh yes, I brooded and fretted, for quite a long time about the obvious discrimination taking place in our profession. I then calmed down and have worked E.R. for well over twenty years now and haven't felt like I have missed a thing.

Oh, before I close, those keys after GYN??? stand for "Dirty Ratzafratzing Picaloomer":eek:

Sorry Jay, I should rephrase.....

I know many wonderful male why keep them from L&D. I do not know any that are IN L&D. OOPS!:D

I'm also in Arkansas....


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