Does a suspension show up on your background report?


If I got suspended from work for a certain period of time, will that show up on my background check?

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Background checks usually include only criminal convictions and sometimes credit checks. A suspension probably wouldn't come up unless that employer tells them when they call to verify the previous employment.


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If I got suspended from work for a certain period of time, will that show up on my background check?

yes im also very curious as to what happened?

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You are obviously very concerned about whatever it was that you did. Nobody here knows who you really are. IF you could be somewhat more specific as to what happened, you might find a LOT more info about whether or not it's something to worry about. There are DONs here, and others in management who could help- and people who have probably experienced just about anything you could come up with :) If not, that's fine- but you seem to be eaten up by this- how much worse could it be to just say what happened and get some feedback on the specifics, not multiple threads of VERY vague info? :up: Up to you :)


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In the end, it boils down to what the previous employer reveals about you and what they don't. Misconduct usually is revealed, but not necessarily. However, something serious enough to cause you to lose days of work along with the pay, I would expect to be discussed. Approach your job hunt with an answer in mind for a question concerning this situation.

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Is this an actual "criminal background check" or references?

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It is kind of hard to intelligently give advice to the OP when she has vaguely asked in 6 different threads variations on this theme...all without giving us any more information with which to respond...It will be interesting to see what she comes up with for the next thread...we've seen the "do I have to give my SS number", should I lie in an interview? any many more...but I am not sure what she is asking...????? she suspended? why?...I thought she was fired? I am so confused....