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Does one have an advantage coming from a “top” hospital?

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On 3/1/2020 at 8:33 AM, wolfgangRN said:

Oh, by balance I just meant not going home too tired to do anything else. I got lucky that both had openings in the department I want...the lesser known has better benefits and unionized which is why I’m leaning towards it.

It has better benefits because it is unionized.  I personally would pick this one, all else being mostly equal.  I don't believe having worked at brand name hospitals is all that important; Magnet and other designations are mostly naked emperors.

I never really chose a job for the bennies; just went where I wanted to work if they hired me.  I didn't realize until after retirement just how much I'd lucked out.  A good retirement plan is like being paid a second time for the work you did years ago.  Nothing like freedom and peace of mind when the old orthopedic injuries start coming back to haunt you.

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I worked for one of those similar to what you described. You heard correctly. They don't pay much, and treat their people like dirt (it is, after all, an honor to work for them), so I didn't stay long. But I had the last laugh, looks awesome on my resume.... I'll never tell.

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