Does nursing school costs scare you?

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Nursing school costs are going up. Does that scare you?

Are you hoping that the elections turn things around in Washington regarding student loans, tuition, and grants?

LOL! I love this one!


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I recently got the cost list for my school. I am unable to get a grant(above income limit :***. So going in to the financial aid office is going to be scary for me.

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I am terrified - not of the cost of my favorite ADN program, but definitely of getting the BSN. A little bit of debt - like one or two paychecks' worth once I'm an RN - doesn't really bother me, but beyond that, I might as well just not bother going back to school. And since my state seems to be cracking down on the hiring when it comes to ADN, there aren't exactly many options. :no:


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My current private school is going to cost me in the realm of 45k .. for an ASN. Bridge will be paid for by my health system, but that's a LOT of money. They're the preferred choice for new nursing grads in my area though, and that is the only reason I chose them... but yeah, you can say it's a bit... scary. I can buy half a house with this. Or two cars. Or a stable full of ponies.

But I want this the most. :)


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The cost of nursing school is scary, but the thought of being a waitress til I'm 70, having virtually nothing to retire on, never taking my dream vacation, and never being able to send my kiddos to college or even afford braces is EVEN SCARIER.

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I talked to my lender, it's worth looking into. I have a lot of student loan debt. He said that b/c everything goes through the govt now, I could consolidate my loans and then if I work for a non-profit or public health facility for 10 years, they will forgive ALL of my debt. Including the 50k for my masters.


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I would be afraid of the debt too if I was only looking at using loans to pay. You just have to be smart about your decision. I plan to take full advantage of the Loan Forgiveness through Direct Loans and also hope I will be lucky enough to work for an employer that will offer tuition assistance.