Does the MCCDNP requires or allows students to use laptops?


Hello to all...

I just thought I'd ask this because I am not sure if any of the Maricopa Community Colleges even allow you to bring laptops to class.....I was just curious if they would even let you bring it to take notes or what not....I have 2 latops currently....My Toshiba will be stying at home and my little Eee PC 900 will be going with me to school....

Any input would be greatly appreciated:D

Cursed Irishman

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one is not required (yet) and you can bring it to class (at least at EMCC)


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thanks cursed irishman....well, i will be attending Mesa-Boswell and i hope they will let us use it in class more of a fast typer than handwriting lectures but it depends if i feel like typing or


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My computer accompanied me to class every day at Phoenix College. No one ever complained about the "typing" noises. I downloaded the instructor's notes, changed the font, margins, etc. to squeeze at much as possible on a page. Then I added my notes during lecture and printed them out at home after class. I always positioned myself close to an outlet too. :typing I, too, type much faster than I can write. I miss typing now that I'm paper charting every day at work. :crying2:


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Im at SCC- tons of people bring thier laptops.. No problem!!!

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