Does your LPN program take off points for writing on tests?


My program counts off 10% for writing on their tests. I was wondering if anyone else's program follows the same practice.


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No, they don't take off points (but you will get chewed out in front of the entire class) lol . They use the same test format for the upcoming class, and it is a really big inconvience for them to have to go back and erase your answers or have to make more copies. I think my program changes test every 2 years.

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Wow. Lol

All of our tests on on a computer. So we don't have to deal with that.


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no we use a scan tron so we are able to mark up the tests. they actually encourage it so that when we go over the test we can remember our answers


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We're encouraged to write on tests. We were actually given a workshop on test taking and the first step is to write "PIRATE" on the exam. They don't use the same exams each year though so that may be why.

RLtinker, LPN

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Pirate? I think I need some explanation on this.

But anyway, no we don't get count off, intact it is encouraged. It would be hard for them to use the same tests anyways since every exam has math portion and this is always hand written. It is one of our schools requirements the every test have 10% of the questions be med calculations.


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Nope, we are encouraged to write, draw, and cross off answers on our tests before we fill in our scantrons. We have to put our names on the paper tests or we automatically fail the tests though.

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