Does it ever end????

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Does it always feel like there will be no end to nursing school?

I graduate in June, but it feels like it is a bzillion years away!!!

I swear, I think it will never end!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!


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Getting started on my second degree and second career.. (and 3rd kid)

believe me, I understand.

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I remember feeling that way too, hang in there you will get through. Good luck.


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Believe you me, it may seem like a long time away now, but time will fly by. Before you know it, you will be a baby nurse wishing you were back in school because you will still have A LOT to learn. Hang in there. You'll make it!!!:D


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This is the school that never ends

Yes it goes on an on my friend,

Some really good people started learning it not knowing what it was

But they'll just continue learning it forever just because

this is the school that never ends




sorry, playoff from the "song the never ends"

Welcome to nursing!!!!


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I graduate in May... and I feel like it will come TOO SOON! Yes, that's right. Too soon. Why? Because then everyone will expect me to know what I'm doing! And, it's not that I don't. I'm an overachiever, received nothing but high praise from every placement in my nearly three years of nursing school. But, I still feel like I will never know enough to be a one hundred percent competent nurse. If it wasn't for wanting a paycheck to pay off all of the debts that I've incurred in nursing school, I would want to stay in nursing school forever!

I won't know what a nurse who has worked for twenty years knows until I have worked for twenty years. Just that first step into the real world is a doozy.


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It does end...

and you are on your safety net in the form of professors/clinical instructors to help ya out.

soon enough. hang tight.

meantime, the LEARNING NEVER, EVER be prepared to continue your education constantly, spending both on and off-duty time doing so.

Best wishes for the time to pass and a happy career after you make it!:)


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I graduated in 1995/May and the only thing that kept me sane and from focusing on graduation was to only think about each at a time. A distraction works too...I was class Pres. and I kept extraordinarily busy...Honor student...type A also helps because you literally have no time to think about it. Also, you'll have a Winter break to ease the suffering and then think about it this graduate next semester. A bigger chunk of time is easier to choke down than 225+ days?? It took me 3 years to do my BSN and that happened this past June...Thank GOD!!!! I just didn't look too far ahead. Once you have your RN then you can take a breath of air and pursue your education more on your terms and them it really becomes enjoyable.

Enjoy the journey!!:chair:

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