Does anyone recommend 'Virtual ATI" NCLEX program?


My school just provided for me "Virtual ATI" free to help me pass the NCLEX on the 1st attempt. Everyone at my school is taking Kaplan. Does anyone know how successful this program is, or do you recommend still paying for another program?


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the school i am soon to graduate from uses ATI in the program and i have found it to be not very helpful. although it does cost money, look at hursch review for good practice. good luck!


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I found ATI quite effective. I bought a Kaplan book and used it, but it was just review. My school's NCLEX pass rates started going up at the same time they implemented ATI.


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my school just implemented ATI this year. is it the greatest? no is it a little outdated? sometimes

but it's free, so i use it


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I took my NClex in July. I really studied. If you reread your med surg book I think you will be okay. Everyone that I know reread their med surg ook and passed with ease. Good luck


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I read some comments recomments kaplan is a better means to prepare for NCLEX and some says it is not helpfull. do you think if any one uses other kaplan can beat NCLEX rather than keep digging on kaplan only?

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NCLEX is so unpredictable that in retrospect, I would take the freebie first. If it goes south, then, I would opt for something else. I used ATI (had to pay for mine, though), and while I think it was okay, I can't say for certain that this was the thing that allowed me to pass NCLEX. I burned copies of many CDs from Kaplan, Delmar's, Mosby, Saunders and Lippincott to view different styles of questions and for variety. I passed with minimum questions, so, I assumed it was the result of my combined efforts.


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My school uses ATI. We have a 98% pass rate for 1st time NCLEX takers. I find the CD out dated but the online reviews are helpful. They give you feed back on what you need to work on. Ask your instructor for practice codes to use online. P.S. I thought ours was free to but then I seen it was included in our tuition.Very few things in life are free.


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Thanks everybody so much. I'm a New Grad in NYC and I can't find work (There hospital freezes in NYC). So I couldn't afford to buy the Kaplan program. So I have to take the freebie for now. But if thats all I need I'll take it and give my best effort to pass on the 1st attempt. One person said there school have a 98% passing rate, so that is good to know. I know here in NYC everyone passes with the Kaplan.

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