Does anyone here passed the exam by just answering more than 5k Q and A?

Nursing Students NCLEX


hehehe just wondering,,

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hehehe just wondering,,

good luck on your nclex!!

i did not really answer that many on my nclex-pn because all i wanted to do was get used to nclex-style questions and see if i could apply my textbook knowledge critically. please make sure you read all the rationales when you do questions.

i am now getting ready to take my nclex-rn and i do nclex questions here and there because i do not have a date yet but once i do, i'll do questions as much as i can.

good luck to us! make sure you relax on the day before the d-day. :D

angel, gn

I am taking my NCLEX RN on the 23rd and so far I have answered over 6500 questions (may sound ridiculous) but I have been told to answer a lot of questions. I do read the rationales for the ones I answered wrong and I do believe that it has helped me. I am still nervous about it but I hope I do well. Good luck with your test.

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