Do you wear some type of support for your legs to prevent leg cramps?

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I wear support hose, usually buy in a uniform store (when they have a sale, I buy in bulk! ) They are the best things that I have ever worn! :-)

I wear those as well and they do make a difference on how my legs feel after a 12h shift! They are not cheap...I believe there are 2 pairs in one pack and it is around $14. I would get 2 packs (4 pairs) since that way you would have a clean pair for each shift that week.

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I swear by my custom orthodics! You've got to get them from a good podiatrist (there are not-so-good ones). I think all nurses should have them whether that is the root-cause of pain or not (or even if you don't have pain). They can fix a lot of issues and leg cramps might come from a poor distribution of support.


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What can you wear with support hose? Do nurses only wear compression socks with support hose?


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If you rule out electroyte deficiencies (bananas have worked wonders for my leg cramps, but then again there can be many causes for leg cramps), then maybe look up some simple stretching excercises.

An athlete wouldn't just end an intense workout without cooling down their muscles. If you are constantly walking at an intense pace at work, then just stopping could cause some discomfort.


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I wear medical compression hose as well..I can definetely tell the difference on days that I don't wear them. (They take like 5 minutes to put on..they are so tight) =) I would definetely recommend them--it was a big piece of advice that nurses gave me while I was in school.

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