Do tutors exist for clinical skills and if so where can you find them?

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As someone who struggles with the "clinical side" of nursing especially as it relates to "check offs" (you know where there are thirty specific steps to doing a procedure that must be done exactly as the instructors want or everything you've worked for goes out the window!), I've often wished to hire a "clinical tutor". In an "ideal" world everyone would have a "lab" partner who would practice with them for hours on end. However, the reality is that many people don't get such partners. If you are having trouble with A&P, Microbiology, or even basic nursing "classroom" courses it is a relatively straightforward matter to find a "tutor". However, it seems when it comes to the actual nursing "checkoff" skills such people either don't exist or I've not been able to locate them. Does anyone have any experience with such things? Thanks.

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Yep! They're called instructors....the same ones who taught the classes, also were VERY patient and wonderful when it came to skills lab....

Good ladies...wonderful, caring teachers....



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We have lab "instructors" that teach us our clinical skill. I personally have spent many hours with them going over skills that I didn't feel comfortable with. They were great and didn't care how many times they had to go over something with me. So, go ask you instructors.


our school supplied a lab instructor who was available quite a lot. If your school does not have such a person you need to contact your instructor. When you are in clinicals make sure the nurses know you want to observe/assist as many procedures as possible. Many students just sit when they have no obligations. Believe me, that will not prepare you for the real world. Also, skills are things new nurses worry about, but in reality are easy to learn because they are repetitive. You will do fine.


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I agree ask your lab instructor. My lab instructor was always willing to have open labs and stay over late if we needed to practice. Good Luck.

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