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Do you think the Fundamentals Success book helps?


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I got a 91 on the quiz and an 85 on the midterm. We have two more quizzes and a final. Without trying to blame the teacher I think I didn't do better because the teacher told us there'd only be 1 or 2 questions from a certain chapter, and then on the test there were about 10 questions from that ch. I skipped it entirely for my midterm studying which I'll never do again! Anyway though does anyone use this Success book and think it's helpful? Can you give one example please if you have that book? (money is tight haha)

Thank you.


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I didn't use the Davis Fundamentals Success book, but I used the med surg and peds one. I didn't know about them at first and wish I had. I'm pretty sure I did so well in peds because of all the questions I did in that book and from my textbook. I was one of the few people who got a question right on an exam because the topic came up in a question and I looked it up (instructor said she mentioned it in class, but she really didn't).


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Best $5 I ever spent. Get a used one on amazon. Takes the stress outta nursing school.

direw0lf, BSN

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Thank you!!! Will try to find it cheap on amazon tonight!!!

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

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I LOVE this book. I would highly recommend it. It has helped me immensely this semester.

It didn't help so much but it gave me an idea of what areas I'm weak on. Like for instance after taking the gastrointestinal review questions, I found out I don't have enough information of peptic ulcers, so I go back and read. You know? Good luck to you !