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Do you review ALL questions on KAPLAN?


Hey everyone! Just wondering if you review all rationales on Kaplan or just for the questions you got wrong? Thanks!

I actually DO review all the rationales, since sometimes I got the question right but the rationale they stated was slightly different from what I was thinking....Also useful for those questions you may have answered with an educated guess.

It would be nice to review all questions, especially if an educated guess was taken. I am just thinking about the amount of time it would take to review all the questions. I am getting closer to my NCLEX date and just really getting anxious and nervous. All my classmates that have already passed their boards that were getting lower scores than me when we were in school tell me I have nothing to worry about. I feel so stupid sometimes with the Kaplan questions, especially when asked about things I don't ever remember being exposed to while in school. I just don't think it would do me any good to start reviewing content again. I want to stick to only practicing questions, but so afraid I will regret it. My first 2 Kaplan trainer tests I got scores in the low 60's and now trainers 3-6 I received scores in the 50's. I was thinking of using my LaCharity Prioritization book before starting trainer 7. I don't know! I am just feeling scared. Thanks for listening.

I really empathize with you...I've had some people tell me I should move my test date sooner, that I don't need to study any more, etc....However, I feel like I still need to study. My Kaplan scores are good but there are still some types of questions I struggle with...The dreaded SATA and "put in order" frustrate me regularly. My plan is to finish the Kaplan Qbank, and do the remaining two Qtrainers last of all. My test date is in 3 weeks.

I'm doing content review on the stuff I feel like will FOR SURE help me on the test, like lab values, drug classes/side effects, precautions, and developmental stages. Things that I have good evidence have kept me from getting questions correct in the past. Also some choice diseases such as Lupus, MS, and TB which seem to come up...Constantly. (Watch them not be on my test!)

Most days (if I'm off or not totally exhausted from work) I have done either a Qtrainer or 75 Qbank questions in the timed format. Then I review the answers/rationales and do some content review in Saunders before bed. I feel like it's more readable than the Kaplan review materials.

I do notice that I do better on the questions if I sit up at a table, as early in the day as possible- my "alert" time. If I can I go to my school library and sit at a desk on the designated quiet study floor. If I do them after work or in the evening, or while just slouching on my sofa, I don't do as well. My scores have been getting better the more questions I complete and review...I'm now consistently in the mid 60s-low 70s.

Keep you chin up! Remember, we got all the way though nursing school, we can do this:cat:

I remember being so nervous using Kaplan too and freaking out about content. I was just like you thinking I definitely should be reviewing content right now, but I stuck with the questions and ended up finishing the whole qbank with an average of I think 65%. Took the nclex and passed in 86 questionsPeople kept telling me oh you'll do fine you passed nursing school with high honors, but the nclex is totally different. Do what feels right for you an did you need to its ok to push your test date back. Although I will say I kept changing my test date and was glad I got to finish the qbank 2 days ahead of my test date so I could review the questions a little more and just relax the day before test day. I reviewed all the rationale because I realized even with the questions I was getting right I wasn't thinking nclex mode . Kaplan really helped me pass I believe and you'll see that the nclex is very similar to Kaplan. Youve got this!!! Review rationale and do as many questions as you can !!

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Yes I did and reading the rationales helped me learn content too.

I have been reviewing all of them. It is helpful to read the reason why you got it right too. Maybe you guessed on that one and maybe you got it right but not for the same reason it states.