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  1. Wow! I'm appreciating my Public Health class and rotation (at a large state university) so much more reading these posts! We not only spoke about these topics, but were required to do group projects in conjunction with different community organizatio...
  2. Do you review ALL questions on KAPLAN?

    I really empathize with you...I've had some people tell me I should move my test date sooner, that I don't need to study any more, etc....However, I feel like I still need to study. My Kaplan scores are good but there are still some types of question...
  3. Do you review ALL questions on KAPLAN?

    I actually DO review all the rationales, since sometimes I got the question right but the rationale they stated was slightly different from what I was thinking....Also useful for those questions you may have answered with an educated guess.
  4. Not An ACP at UCH: The Only One?

    I wouldn't worry too much about it if you're not interested in acute care...Here's my experience as a fellow Denver nursing student. I too have a background as a clinic assistant in a community health setting, which I LOVE and didn't want to give up...
  5. My preceptor works nights

    I'm presently doing my senior Capstone at a large urban hospital in Med-Surg on 12 hour nights. I was initially worried about making the adjustment, since I'm not really a night owl, but it's been a really great experience. Although it is still busy...
  6. Awesome! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats! That's wonderful....Also really cool there will be four of you. On my unit I think there will only be two.
  8. Geriatrics & General Medicine. I know some people were initially reluctant to post in this thread because they knew so many of the other applicants...I overheard this topic of discussion on my interview day, and indeed many of my fellow applican...
  9. Thanks!
  10. I received a call with a job offer yesterday! So excited and grateful. Now, to finish my capstone and pass the NCLEX... Also happy I'll be near my family again! Good luck everyone and hopefully I'll meet some of you in a few months.
  11. Haha....Nope.
  12. I felt that it went well, but of course there is some fierce competition. Much like in my nursing program, a lot of very smart people who have a lot to offer. What really impressed me about the experience was how much dedication and enthusiasm those ...
  13. I was told to be there Monday at 10:30. Nervous but really excited!
  14. So, I found out I will be interviewing for General Medicine and Geriatrics, one of my top choices! My primary nursing interests are geriatrics and psych so I'm super excited. Anybody else care to share their particulars? I'm originally from Wisconsi...
  15. I heard today as well! The email said that the unit and other specifics would be forthcoming.