Do you need chem to transfer to another schools nursing program?


I am in my second semester of college and my mom (she's a nurse) said I might only have one more to go before i'll have completed my prerequisites.

To my knowledge I got a 68 on my chemistry regents in high school. One program I looked at said you need CHE104 or a 75 on the regents.

Another program didn't have a specific grade needed.

Am I going to have to take CHE 104?


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Why dont you call that school and ask?


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Well, most nursing programs will have their curriculum and the pre-reqs needed for that program on their website... also can call the school. I would imagine you would need to take a college level intro to chem course at the very least. I don't think I've seen any colleges take anything from high school aside from AP test credit or CLEP.

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The only place that can answer this question for you is the school you wish to attend, so call them or go online and look up their nursing program; I'm sure you will be able to find a breakdown of the pre-requisites there. Having said that, every single school I've ever looked at has required basic chemistry. Some will accept high-school chemistry, others want post-high-school chemistry. The school I hope to attend wants CHM130, not sure how that equates to CHM104, but I'm sure they're similar.

For the record, I HATE chemistry. I'm useless at it, every lesson is a struggle for me, I don't find any interest in it, and it does not come naturally to me....but I have to take it to get in. I know the feeling of hoping it isn't required, but unfortunately it usually is!


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Different schools have different requirements. Some don't require chem at all. Some are good to go with a high school chem class. Some require an allied health type chem, while others require the same chem that chem majors take. Some require one semester. Others require two semesters. The best bet for you is to inquire of each of the programs that you are considering if you can not find the information on the program website.