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Do you need bsn to get your msn

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I'm currently in an ADN program because of convenience. My husband is in the military and I get my school fully paid through some military programs, but it has to be either a certified program or an associate program. My goal is to get an MSN and become a nurse practitioner. Can I do so from my ADN, I do have a BA but it is in another field. Or will I still need a BSN even though I do have a BA. I hope that by choosing to get the adn for convenience will not cost me more in the end

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Good day:

Check with the universities for which might apply. In our geographic area, one of the universities has a program where if you are already a RN with an associate degree, you can go for your MSN through them direct where you earn your BSN through them on your way to the MSN (without adding a lot of time).

Thank you.

There are some MSN programs that will take licensed RNs without BSNs. Going that route will significantly limit your choice of programs (since the majority require a BSN for admission), but it can be done.

Once you have an ADN and an RN license, you may decide that it is worth completing a BSN in order to have a wider choice of programs, but that would be your choice. If you already have a BA in another discipline, there would not be a great deal involved in getting a BSN, and there are a lot of convenient on-line programs.

Best wishes for your journey!

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I have been told that with a previous bachelors, it is not uncommon to go straight into an MSN program with or without the BSN. I know that I culd have easily have done it.


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There are several online programs that you can go directly for MSN without BSN. Some are bridges that your BA in another field is accepted, others you don't need a BA at all. I am looking into them myself right now. Here are the schools I know of. University of AZ, Aspen, Walden, Wilkes, and Brookline. Those are just a few that I have looked at, I'm sure there are others. UofA, and Aspen want two years of clinical experience when applying. I'm not sure about Walden and Wilkes. Brookline offers an online MSN - Nursing Education in 12 months. That one sounds too good to be true... but I will be checking further. I've been trying to find info from someone in the program or who has graduated from it, but no luck yet.

I am an ADN with a BS in management. I am currently enrolled in Saint Joseph's of Maine. They have a bridge program for RN's with a non nursing bachelor's degree.

Depending on how long ago you did your other bachelor's, some of those credits may transfer into a BSN program (mine did). It may be worth your while to do a few other classes to dramatically widen your choices of master's programs.

Just a thought.