Do I need my Master's in Nursing to advance?

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Do I need my Master's in Nursing to advance?

Hello Nurse Beth,

I received my BSN in 2019 and my only job has been in a bone marrow transplant. I use to work as a vascular tech for 10 years and have a masters in health science. My question is what can I do with my BSN and my masters in health science that is not bedside nursing? Or do I need to get my masters in nursing to advance?

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Dear Has BSN,

You do not need a Master's to qualify for a non-beside position. A BSN can open many doors for you. You have 2 years bedside experience, and together with your BSN, your qualifications are good.

There are non-bedside jobs both within and without the hospital. There is a benefit to staying within acute care unless you're very sure you're ready to leave for good because it can be challenging to get back in.

Start by looking at your hospital's job board to get some ideas. Non-bedside roles include Documentation Specialist, Palliative Care, Case Management, Risk, Quality. Some will not interest you at all, but looking will help to identify what appeals to you. None of these require a Master's. There are also management roles. If you think you might be interested in management, consider a charge nurse position.

Go on and use "non-bedside RN" in the search field. You can set it up to get notifications of jobs that fit your search criteria.

Best wishes as you enter a new phase of your career.

Nurse Beth