Do I have a Chance?


Hello Everyone!!!! Hope all is well! I applied this summer to a BSN Nursing Program. I have been there for the past year. I have a 3.5 G.P.A In my Math & Science classes and a 3.4 in my other pre-req (Nothing below a B on Transcript). For entrance they go by a point system and you can get up to 50 points. I did the math and it says I would have33- 35.5 points but I have withdrew from 2 science courses at a different school and 1 from My current school which costed me 9 points (3 points for each retake) . So now I only have 26.5 points. I sent in a letter explaining why I doped the Chemistry and Micro. I dropped the Chemistry because My current school was debating to accept it or not at the time, it took them a year to approve it and when they did I retook it. When I transferred in the fall of last year I was taking 12-14 credit hours and I had to drop micro because of a family member becoming ill and I was the only one who could take care of them at the time. Once again all of that was put in my letter of explanation . I sent in also letters of recommendations, even one from a hospital chief of staff. So do you think I have a chance of getting in? Thanks!

Note: The committee decides if the 3 points will be deducted depending on the reason. All withdraws are considered retakes.

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Never give up hope, there is always a chance, will just depend on the rest of the applicants. My school admits 32 students a semester. In my admission semester, they did a similar point system and out of 50, everyone with a 44 or higher made it, the very next semester it was down to 30 out of 50. Good luck! Hang in there!


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I think you will! None of us can really tell you yes or no! I remember, I was feeling just like you and came on here and wrote a post explaining my experience and wanted to know if I had a chance of getting into nursing school. Everyone commented and told me that I wouldn't but surprise, surprise...I got accepted into both the RN and LPN program. So don't lose faith, you got this!:)


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Just Got my letter and..... I got in!!!! Glory Be to God!!!!!


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That's awesome CONGRATS!!!

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Congrats!!! :)