Do good socks make a different? And if so... which ones???

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hello all!!

i am new to the boards and starting the nursing program in 30 days exactly! yay! finally!!

a million different types of shoes have been recommended to me.... from crocs to mbt's! but - someone mentioned that it is important to have really good socks. does anyone have any very strong sock preference that they would be willing to divulge?

i know that with everything this is kind of a silly thing to obsess over, but i am obsessing over it! aarrggh!

whatever advice you might have to share would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!!

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I don't know but for some reason the same socks that make my running shoes feel like barefoot made my feet miserable in clogs.

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Did you use thicker socks? Or were they the thin kind that 'wick persperation away'?

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The thinner wickway but I had some of the cushioned bottomed ones and I could feel every loop on the inside. I wore danksos if that makes any difference.

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thanks tothepointe. :wink2:

i'm still wondering... which socks will work best. i guess it will just end up trial and error - like a lot of things. :bugeyes:

thanks again!!!!


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Trial and error, that's the way to do it. But it is interesting that you are thinking about this. To me that shows a meticulous person, I mean, how many people even THINK about socks, before they start working, and I agree, they are important.

I like short terry lined socks for summer, and higher terry lined socks for winter.

I like a little bit of cushy feeling, but not too much.

If you really want some good socks, check out Thorlos (spelling?), these are the socks marathoners wear. They come in 'sports' versions.

They also come in a long 'anti fatigue' version which a lot of military personnel like to wear with the boots, they are sold in Military Clothing Stores, but they are probably available online.

May be 'too much' sock for working a hospital floor, but boy, are they comfortable.

Good Luck in your career. may you find wonderful places to work, wonderful colleagues to work with, and may you always get patients that appreciate you, and that need just the nursing touch that you provide! :nurse:

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I like Thorlo walking socks (white socks). They have some support on the foot, and are nicely padded, but won't work if your shoes are snug. I also sometimes wear Smartwool socks. I'm used to shopping at REI, a sporting goods store, so that's why I ended up with socks like these for work.

Nice to see someone else likes them! I wear the short ones in summer, too.

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Quezen - Thank you for your kind words in recognizing my desire to be 'meticulous'! A little verbal lifting is good for the soul! My spouse is a GOOD man, but not a great one verbal praise, so any kind of encouragement I can grab onto is a blessing!! Thanks again! And I've been eyeing those Thorlos. I think I'm goin' shoppin'!!!

Mimi2RN - Thorlos are the socks that kept coming up as the best walking socks when I googled sock reviews. Thanks!! It's off to Big 5 - or internet shopping - I go!!


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Your welcome. My spouse is the SAME way!

Us gals gotta stick together in the "mutual appreciation society!" :wink2:

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I totally agree with the poster who mentioned Thorlos socks. I like the running kind, they are really thick on the bottom. You may need to buy 1/2 size larger shoes. You also can't go wrong with compression stockings, especially if you age going to be on your feet for long periods of time.


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I read somewhere about diabetic socks to increase circulation in the legs. Is this true also?

Yes,Sox do make a difference.I wear 5:11 Level 1 Tactical sox 6" or Under Gear Trainers,ankle cut, along with New Balance Running shoes,Im good for 12+ hours.. You want somthing that supports AND wicks mosture.


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