Do you ever have a subject that you are just not able to grasp no matter what?


For some reason I'm not able to grasp the sensory system. Its so frustrating. I felt the same about Fluids and elytes however, I think sensory is worst for me. I'm just having a hard time understanding the ear and eye disorders. :o

I'm sure I will pull through by time my exam comes around but for right now I'm just stuck. So far I've been reading, made flash cards, doing nclex questions ( most I've gotten wrong)... I'm going to try to meet with a classmate to study but if not I guess I'll sign up for tutoring.

Have any of you ever had a subject that was just hard to grasp ????

Sarah Hay

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Yep. There are just some subjects that I cannot learn. I don't know why. I think it is because I don't like it and for some reason my brain doesn't learn what I am reading. The subject I dislike the most would have to be the neurological system. I don't have any hints on how to learn the subject but I will be checking back on this thread just in case someone helpful comes along and posts a link. Thanks.

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omg isn't it terrible.:banghead: i really hate that. no matter what you do it will just not stick!!! i have had that problem a few times. i am sure it will eventually click and if it doesn't don't stress too much becuase it will most likely happen again. the previous post hit it on the head. i have had problems with chapters i am not interested in. i have my a and p final on monday and i am worried about those chapters i didn't get. however, i do have some study guides and practice quizes for the sensory system i would be happy to share with you. you can email me and i would be happy to email them to you. i always try to find as many resourses as possible when i don't understand a chapter. i can also email you some links that i find helful. another option for you is to check out you tube. there are millions of videos that can help you get through. well shoot me and email if you want and i can give you that info! good luck!!! (anyone else in need of resources can email me as well. i am finishing a and p this week so i have plenty on all the chapters!!!!)

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Sarah Hay

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Hey, thank you for the links. I added them to my favorites so if I get stuck on something tough I have them for a quick reference. I completed Anatomy and Phsyiology I and II before entering the ADN program and surprisingly I made an A in both classes but once I entered the nursing program I am barely making the grade. (Low-low B). So, if YOU need something I may be able to help you with. Maybe... maybe not. Happy studying!

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Mine was Chemistry and the neuro system. I hope you do well on your upcoming test. I will pray for you.


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Sarah, I will be touch!!! Like I said, I have my final Monday and I am really worried. When I start my review I will keep you in mind!!! Thanks!


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Psychology & self concept :(

I don't have anything that can help you out, but good luck with it... I know how painful it is.

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I'm an LPN in the RN program, but I'm NOT looking forward to the OB/GYN rotation again. I usually got good grades in the LPN program, and "A's" in the RN as well, but I CANNOT BEND MY HEAD AROUND OB. They start talking about +1 and +2 and percent effaced, and my mind just starts broadcasting "white noise" like an empty TV channel. I can't see it, I can't visualize it, I sure as **** can't touch it on my lab partner, and my mind just goes "REJECT!"

And that's next semester....oh, joy....


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Am embarassed to say that neuro pts confuse me. Although Alzheimer's pts are not so difficult, non-Alz dementia pts always surprise me.

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