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I absolutely never do. I let them be wrong and keep the knowledge of this info in my head.


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There was one time I did because it was something related to bacteria. I have a BS in microbiology, and absolutely :heartbeat bacteriology, and I cannot stand when people say inaccurate things when it comes to microbiology/bacteria/infectious disease. Well, the teacher took quite the offense to it, did all this "research" to prove she was right, which all that did was prove I was right. But I let her think she really proved herself right. She doesn't hold it against me, we ended up trading stories about our favorite bacteria... luckily.

There's been some sterile technique and infection control stuff that makes me cringe, but it's useless to argue against people with no microbiology background. Just adds to my "Why I should be in medical technology school instead" list...

Another one of our teachers is always saying incorrect stuff, but no one bothers because it's just useless.


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I would speak with the instructor after class. Explain why and be as polite as possible. The instructor should take it from there. No one wants to be corrected before their students.

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The problem is, it's the same couple of students who are quick to correct. A lot of times THEY are wrong. Sometimes not, but usually everyone else knows the professor slipped a wrong word or something. There are some people who just love to find fault, and these types generally are uncouth with delivery.

If I have a concern, I'll e-mail or visit my professor/instructor in private, of which I've done both. One time, the instructor brought the issue up the next clinical day, clarified the topic, and thanked me for bringing it to her attention.


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I have, though I have never done so from the additude of "I'm right, you're wrong". I have always done so respectfully, explaining "this is my prior understanding, and why i had this understanding, and that what i previously knew and what you are saying seem to conflict, so which is right?" I'm always open to being told that my prior understanding may have been wrong, or maybe both are right in different ways. And then one can use discretion on the information the get back. Yes you may have professors/people in life in general that will get flustered at being corrected at all, and wont admit being wrong when they are, and at least this approach wont put you on their bad side. Though most professors will admit their mistakes, because they do want you to learn the information correctly.

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