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Do CNA's have better luck finding new grad LPN jobs?

I start LPN school in the fall and I am wondering if its smart to start working as a CNA (after the first term) part time in LTC or Home Health. Anyone get their LPN job at the same facility they were working in as a CNA?


KimberlyRN89, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

It really just depends. When I was a cna, the facilities I worked at did not want to hire new nurses. But that's not to say that its like that everywhere. I would definitely ask the facilities u are interested I'm if they hire new nurses.

egglady, LPN

Specializes in Geriatrics. Has 25 years experience.

I did!! It was over 16 years ago though!!

I'm a current new grad (passed boards this past Thursday!) and at the present time work as a CNA in a long term care/rehab facility. Even if you do not get offered a position at the same place of employment, I believe it helps to get your foot in the door somewhere since you will be familiar with the overall environment of working with the geriatric population.

My current employer does not have openings at this time, but they are willing to create and open up a PRN position for me which I am considering since I know the residents, get along well with the staff and upper management, and it would be nice to have extra income. However, I have my third interview at a different facility tomorrow that looks promising and is closer to me.

Good luck to you! It is definitely feasable, but keep in mind it all depends on available positions and whether or not they prefer experience.

BrandonLPN, LPN

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Yes, it absolutely will help you. You will probably find a job MUCH quicker than your fellow students with zero healthcare experience. And you will be more confident once you hit the floor. Also, your CNAs will have a lot more respect for a nurse who was an aide before becoming a nurse.

I believe it helps. I was hired right in just a couple weeks after graduation even before I took my boards. And I noticed that only the graduates that were Cna's first have jobs currently.

It honestly didnt help me much at the place I worked at as an STNA because they did not hire new nurses but I think it did eventually help me land a job in another LTC because you at least know the atmosphere. I cant imagine walking into LTC as a brand new nurse and never had worked in a nursing home before in any capacity. I would have run screaming lol! When I was in LTC my aides always wanted to work with me over other nurses because I helped them as much as I could because it's a hell of a job and I respected the hell outta my aides since I had been there, done that. I think all new nurses should be required to work as an STNA for a couple shifts before they start on the floor if they have never done it so they get how hard of a job it is.

Hello to all,

I was a CNA first in upstate NY in a nursing home then became an LPN, it was a little learning experience even thought I didn't stay long because there was alot of resentment they didn't want to listen to me they gave me that who do I think I am kind of attitude

I thank god I've got some experience outside of nursing home because I would be in trouble.

I work in a large hospital here in upstate NY. I see a few of the mental health aides that became an LPN they didn't hire them.

I am seeing that if you graduate as an LPN or RN from a Hospital based school you have a good chance to be hired at that hospital after you pass your boards/graduate.

good luck,


Hello! I welcome and appreciate any tips or suggestions to help me land a first LVN job:

I went to Nursing School while working as a CNA for a Health Care Agency and graduated in December last year. I passed HESI in February and passed NCLEX in July this year and received my California License in August this year. I have now embarked on the job market in the hope of landing my first LVN job. Unfortunately, almost all employers requires at least 1 years experience that new graduate lacks.

Does anybody knows any place that accepts new graduate. I feel like I need opportunity to gain experience first without worrying about compensation so much. Please pitch in your kind and valuable advice.