Do you always get out of work on time?


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Almost always out by 8 am (on time slums be 730). If I am late, it's because of having several different people to talk to during report.

There have been a couple occasions lately where I had emergencies to deal with at shift change, as well as miscellaneous tasks that I won't leave for the next shift (updating family members, reordering meds, etc.). Those are more rare, certainly not more than once a month.


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Rarely. I work in the OR and cases run past 3pm and there's no staff to relieve me.

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Yes. Thank goodness!


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I used to when I made a requirement for the night shift nurse to give me a 5 minute per patient hand-off and then get outa my pod and go home. What slows me down is another RN who "thinks" I really wanna "talk" through a hand-off. I don't-give me the poop and scoot! Also, some may disagree, I think the bedside hand-off is the dumbest thing ever pushed off on nurses. There are benefits to the patient and as a guide I accept it's value. However, most places use it as a rule and it is nothing but a costly mistake in time and efficiency never-mind the fact that it's extremely impersonal to stand in front of a person and read off notes about them like a piece of cattle. I've worked for two major hospital chains now and the differences are apparent. I end up leaving one of them 20-45 later b/c of inefficient, redundant charting and a hodgepodge of electronic and paper charting.



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I always get out on time ;) Unless something really bad happened at the prison near the end of my shift and I have to do a buttload of paperwork for control. Or I get mandated :/



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I work in a prison and take care of 400 inmates with 2 or 3 nurses on at night. We have no time during med pass to sign out meds, so we prepare them and sign them out when we're done, which usually gets pushed off because of codes and other random stuff. We also do labs at the end of shift and have to finish processing them to send to the hospital. We have to document almost every encounter we have with inmates because they are a very lawsuit-happy bunch. The day shift takes forever reading report then can't decide who is going to work in which section.

Most days I'm at least 15 minutes late to leave. But usually once a week I'm there an hour late because something crazy or stupid happened. We get talked to about time management but it's impossible to get everything done and leave on time.



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I often have to wait for the day shift nurse to get in and ready for report. The CNA's want the assignment board done before report. Shift for me is 10:45pm to 7:15am but most days I am out at 7:30am. No one has said anything about that for over one year.Like others if a pt falls or other problem happens during med pass I might get out later but not often.



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I try my best to get out on time. The only time I get out early or on time is when I'm in the ER. I'm a float nurse so I usually have a heavy assignment and have to report to 4-5 different nurses.



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I work as a RN case manager in an acute care hospital. Our manager allows NO overtime. This is very difficult to achieve when a difficult discharge goes wonky at the end of the day. When our group bought this up at a staff meeting, we were told to manage our time better. And the manager can't figure out why RNs keep leaving the position.