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Do you have access to unrestricted PPE?


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I'm just wondering if people are back to normal anywhere with regard to PPE use? We are still using the same N95 for long stretches because of limited stores. While I get the desire to re-open the economy carefully...I haven't heard any consideration for PPE availability. For as much as I would like to see some careful steps forward...I feel like we shouldn't open JACK until PPE is readily available enough for us to be able to use it PROPERLY (not this pandemic conditions nonsense of reuse).

So what say you...do you have unrestricted access again or is your PPE still under lock and key?


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Our PPE is available on the unit (N95, PAPR helmets and machines, scrubs). It reappeared a couple of weeks ago. Still don't think it's available on other floors within the hospital that are not taking care of COVIDs, so no, not unrestricted. We're still short or sani and bleach wipes and other random things.