Do all A and P classes need a Bio pre requisite?


Hi all,

I am currently living outside the US and plan on applying for nursing school for 2014 so am trying to get started on my pre reqs ( I have a bachelors and a masters but not in nursing)...A and P seems to be the biggest issue...I have seen some people reccommend online classes but they all seem to have at least an in person exam and I won't be in the US till next year so...

Would it be possible to do A and P online without lab and then just take the lab component when I am back in the US or does it need to happen simultaneously?

Like most people I don't know how I'll pay for pre reqs let alone nursing school- I don't qualify for instate tuition anywhere since I am "stateless"....

I will be based in Boston MA on my return if that helps



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the lab will help you learn the material covered in lecture, i think of lab as like a study session for material in lecture...on the side you're learning all the anatomy. good luck! :)


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Not all A & P classes require biology as a prereq.

Most schools highly recommend taking the lab and lecture at the same time if they don't require it and often a lot of the instruction concerning the lab takes place in the lecture section. Why do you want to take them seperately?


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I have never seen a school that had any prereqs for A&P.

I would STRONGLY recommend taking the Lecture and lab components together. Can you be successful taking them separately? Yes, but they really complement each other, and it is much easier to take them together. Its kind of like have to classes with the same tests, twice the class time half the amount of studying.


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Does anyone know of a good A and P with lab online?


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My school does require biology before A&P and Anatomy and physiology are seperate classes at my school. Of course I know all schools are different. The physiology class also requires a completion of chemistry at my school.


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I took A&P I online with a lab through eastern iowa community colleges ( and am taking A&P II through them this semester. They have requirement of biology in college or biology and chemistry in high school within the last five years. I know personally, I had taken AP Biology in high school and received college credit 7 years ago, but they worked with me to override the prerequisite of 5 years after I shared that and my grades in some other science prerequisites. If you are going this route, I would recommend contacting schools you are looking at and make sure this will fulfill the requirements. I know I didn't have any issues with schools I looked at, but every school is different. I think it is a good practice to get into - I doubled checked every course I took for a prerequisite just to be safe.


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@asteck: is the lab online too ?


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The college that I'm going to offer them both online but you will have to take your tests at either the testing center or somewhere like a church, government office and etc. those are proctored

I attend a BSN program in Texas. My university has a program for international students that offers INSTATE tuition costs for international students from certain areas/countries in the Caribbean and Africa. This can drastically reduce the cost of attendance for international students and eliminate the wait period needed to qualify for instate tuition cost. I am not sure what country you are from or what school/program you have in mind if you plan to attend school in Boston, but I would look into finding a program such as this. You can message me if you like. Best of luck.


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My college had a pre-req for the course. I had taken an upper level chem course, so I had the science department waive the pre-req (I think it was a bio-chem class or something like that). Every school is different, but if you've taken anything related to science, if it has a pre-req, inquire with the school's science department and see if they could waive the requirement.


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Everything is online, including the lab. The course does have proctored exams, but you don't necessarily need to take them on campus (I didn't).