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I want to know more about becoming a DNP. What can you do as a DNP? If a DNP wants to stay in a clinical setting, what more can they do than an RN or BSN? These are the main questions, but anything else about DNP's is welcome!

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DNP is a degree- not a role. Many people outside of nursing assume that 'DNP' is equivalent to 'nurse practitioner' - it is not.

I hold a DNP and it's focus Educational Leadership. I am not not now, nor have I ever been (or want to be) and advanced practice nurse.

The four advanced practice nursing roles (CNM, CNS, NP and CRNA) have differing degree paths. DNP is not mandated for any of them at this time.

Non-clinical DNP foci include education, leadership, informatics, and more. DNP is the fastest-growing of the three terminal degrees for nurses (PhD, DNP, and EdD)

It sounds like you are very new to nursing. Get your RN ( either ADN or BSN), then see where your passion and strengths take you.

There are many different roles.

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I have been a Pediatric NP for 5 years and I am currently in a DNP program. My DNP degree will be a terminal degree in my current speciality (pediatric primary care) with an added on nurse educator specialty. As the others have said, one does not have to be an NP. There are many other nursing roles that obtain the DNP.

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