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SgonzoCPNP has 5 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Thank you. Yes there are shorter options to chose from. When you get accepted the College of Nursing will email you several courses of study to choose from and it maps out what classes you will take in certain semesters. I think the 9 semester is the shortest. Also, I forgot to mention is that they have specialty add on courses you can do, such as nurse educator ( which I am doing) and think cardiology and lipidology.
  2. I am currently in the MSN-DNP at USA. I started in fall in 2016 and completed 2 courses. I took a break and focused on other things in my life. I am going back this fall to continue. I'm a pediatric primary care NP and doing my DNP in the same specialty. I can only go by my experience from 2016. The professors were helpful and supportive and the course work was doable while working full time. As long as you plan ahead. I am excited to go back. I did my BSN and MSN-PNP at Villanova University and it was in class, with the exception of 2 classes being online. I feel like the MSN-DNP is more writing intensive and there are no exams. I also feel the courses are self-driven/taught vs BSN and MSN courses. I am on the 16 semester plan and will finish in 2022.
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    DNP Programs with Clinical Tracks

    University of South Alabama does this too. They have all the NP specialities, Nurse Executive, CNS, and nursing informatics.
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    I have been a Pediatric NP for 5 years and I am currently in a DNP program. My DNP degree will be a terminal degree in my current speciality (pediatric primary care) with an added on nurse educator specialty. As the others have said, one does not have to be an NP. There are many other nursing roles that obtain the DNP.
  5. I'm currently in the MSN to DNP program at USA. I'm loving it so far.
  6. I am currently enrolled with USA. I am currently a pediatric primary care NP. I am getting my DNP in the same speciality. I have not made to residency classes yet. If you are just wanting your DNP in the same speciality as you are working, then you can complete your residency hours at your place of work. As long your facility matches up with your decided project. ( For instance, I work in a pediatric primary care office and my project must be geared towards that facility and population). Your preceptor/mentor has to be someone with a terminal degree such as DNP or MD. You will have 3 residencies (over 3 semesters) that will be 180 hours each. At the end you have to submit your finished project for publication and do a poster presentation at a conference or do a voice over ppt presentation. Hope this helps.

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