DNP/PNP suggestion UofM vs South Alabama Online


Hi everyone! New here. I am currently a home health nurse, looking at DNP/PNP. PNP??? you home health I work with the full lifespan and really enjoy peds more than geriatrics/adults. At any rate....

I am in NC and we only have two PNP programs and both are quite a commute and NOT online.

I am looking at out of state schools and being out of state, as we all know tuition for out of state is ridiculous, however University of Missouri and South Alabama both do not charge out of state tuition and are both very affordable. My question is if either of these programs have a good reputation, I can't find much info or on either program.

Any advice, opinions would be greatly appreciated! :)


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Bueller...bueller?? Anyone know about either of these programs?

I think UoM Columbia (Sinclair CON) is my first choice and USA is my second. Mostly because USA does not offer a BSN to DNP in the primary PNP track, you have to get your MSN first and reapply for the DNP. which makes NO sense what so ever. All of the other specialties are one continuous program. The only peds continuous track is for acute NOT want to do that!!!

I still can not find much info on UofM, there seems to be a lot of opinions on USA, about 50/50 positive and negative.


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I was looking at USA but, after I called and talked to the nursing department, decided not even to apply. I have been a nurse for 22 years, received my BSN from the University of North Alabama last year, and the last 60 hours my GPA was >3.5 (not exactly sure of precise GPA). USA told me that with a GPA of less than 4, I would not even be considered. The lady I spoke with said they were not even looking at applications like mine where my last 60 were great but my first several years of college were barely passable. I'm not trying to make excuses, just keeping it real.


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Curious, why would USA tell you anything less than a 4.0 to not apply? I am in the USA PNP (MSN) program. I applied last minute spring '11 for the fall. I barely got my complete package to the school on time. I was a second degree student with a 3.70 in nursing only (60 credits) and 3.79 in my first BS in bio/chem. I was accepted into the program. I have been a nurse for 22 years as well. The school is looking for experienced nurses to apply. Your background and good GPA should be a plus to get in. I understand your first years were not that great but if they look at your nursing you may get in. I wouldn't give up yet.


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Ugh, this is very discouraging. My GPA is ok, but definitely not stellar.....3.3 overall, 3.5 on nursing. I'm begining to think I won't be accepted anywhere being just average. Nothing really sets me apart from the rest. I'm sure most applicants have just as good of essay as I do. I've been a nurse for 10 years but zero peds specific experience. My peds interests stem from personal, not work, experience. I feel like I'm wasting my time :(

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USA has a lot of applicants because the cost of their tuition is so low. They denied me as well and I don't think they required recommendation letters or an essay. I'm kind of glad though. A good friend of mine is completing her DNP there and she said that several students had to sit out the semester because they were not able to find preceptors and the school does not offer any help except to offer the student the ability to travel to AL to complete clinicals. Widen your search as there are many programs out there that would appreciate a student like you. Maybe you should apply to PNP MSN programs and complete your DNP later. There are several programs out there that will let you complete the program online. If that doesn't work, get some peds experience and reapply next year. You can even try volunteering to get peds experience.


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yeah, USA is my last choice as they do not offer a PNP/DNP track. i would rather do it combined all in one. i dont understand why they dont, its the only specialty that is not offer with a DNP. but, unfortunately....cost is a major factor in my school decision. USA and UoFM are the only schools i can find that do not charge out of state tuition. the two schools in my state are over 3 hours away, making commuting impossible. i wish i had something that made me stand out in the crowd of applicants, but i dont feel like i do. yeah i have 10 years experience, but none in peds. USA doesnt require an essasy for MSN, so i wont have a chance to explain my interest in peds without actual work experience. :/


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I applied to USA and to USI - because of the tuition and the pass rate for NP certs. I decided to go with USI but know several people who attend/attended USA. I am in my last semester at USI and then do my internship this summer. It has been a tough and challenging process but I feel really well prepared. USI also charges no out of state fees for any online course.

Not sure where you live but I think Delta State may have a new DNP program in addition to the NPs they have offered. USI has NO campus attendane requirements. I had no interest in a DNP when I started but have changed my mind and have applied for this fall at USI. I wish you luck.

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@laurabs24 I also applied and my gpa is 3.3.I'm worried about my essay. I spoke from the heart about my goals. hearing about needing a 4.0 makes me sick. I just received an email stating I will have a decision in six weeks. Ugggghhh I feel sick.


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I know this thread is older, but if you happen to see it...University of Alabama at Birmingham does offer the PNP/DNP route. It is a longer program because it is a dual option acute/primary. They also only charge in-state tuition for all classes online (the program is distance available). All classes are online. Just a thought if you haven't found your program yet.


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I'm from Mississippi and a nursing student. University of Mississippi is a huge and very well known university. Very well respected. I'm personally looking at the RN-MSN program at Vanderbilt, but U of M is my second choice. To be honest, I'be never heard of the University of South Alabama.

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I live in Nashville and do allot with Vanderbilt, it is a GREAT program! However your GRE better be top percentages and so had your GPA, good luck!