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I m curious if anyone has experience working as an NP abroad. I am currently getting my DNP degree and would love to work internationally when I graduate. I speak some Spanish but am not fluent by any means. Can anyone give me any insight on international opportunities available? Thanks n advance.

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Most countries do not have NPs.

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Aren't NPs really more of a US thing?


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Yes, it is rare for NPs to be able to work as NPs abroad, clinically, because there isn't any such licensure. I have known NPs who had informal arrangements where they were technically licensed as RNs but everyone knee they were basically working as doctors. But even getting the RN license can be challenging in most places. There's another poster here--sorry, I forget which thread--who has been licensed in several countries and listed those who seemed open to it (allowing licensure without having to take an exam). Do you have RN experience? That's what will open up those opportunities for you. I don't think most countries/organizations would be interested in an NP without a fair amount if RN experience, though someone else may have an idea if that applies to you.

I know several DNPs who are working as professors of nursing at the university level internationally, though they have several years of teaching experience, for the most part.

The Peace Corps and, I think, some other government agencies employ nurse practitioners abroad to take care of American staff--i think those are listed on usajobs. Obviously that's not humanitarian work, but it is outside the US, if that's what interests you.

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Depends on the country. The U.K. Have used NPs for over a decade but most work with gps in the community although there are some that work in hospital