Diuril vs hyroDiuril

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What are the important differences between diuril and hydrodiuril?


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umm well diuril is more often given IV, and hydrodiuril is more given for maintenance dose form...Individuals suffering from CHF for instance with alot of edema would get IV diuril to decrease the sudden fluid, and individuals with just simply high blood pressure would more likely just get Hydrodiuril....also Hydrodiuril is more associated with increased loss of potassium, while diuril is with more loss of sodium and choride in equal parts and loss of potassium....Not sure if this makes since, but I just always remember that diuril(I think diet) results in loss of all, and hydrodiuril results in loss of K, and you are preventing the build up of H20.....not sure if that helps or not...

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