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My hospital just recently (6 months ago) started putting these new "black out labels" over the patients info. They are basically just black labels that you can stick over anything with personal info, except these labels don't peel off. Much easier than trying to unstick the label already on the bag.

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Red bagged trash, then incinerator..............they can ruin many shredders.


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So...for those of you using red bio trash containers headed for the incinerator, do you have a container in each room? Or is there a central site on the unit?

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container in each room............critical care area.....almost all of our IV bags are mixed by pharmacy, PICU ..........so all are completely labelled.......

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Oh they have a label just no specific pt identifier, ie typically we label with the med info and pts last name, date, time and initals, nothing that is going to beable to specificly link the bag to one pt if found in the trash.


I think it's a JCAHO violation if you don't have your IV bags labeled. If ours don't come labeled from pharmacy - i.e. NS, or the stuff out of the Pixys, we have to label it ourselves before it's hung.


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We throw ours in the red trash. Our compliance person said that it is good because it gets burned.

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Do you think some sort of movie star complained about being "discovered" in the hospital and that is why HIPPA is around now?


I think we are supposed to peel the label. It has perforated edges so it rips off easy, but most times it doesn't.


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Where I work, we have to peel the stickers with patient names on them off of IV bags before throwing the bags in the garbage. We have several garbage receptacles on the unit where we may throw those stickers away. Some people forego pealing the stickers off of IV bags and just throw the whole gamet in the designated receptacles. I prefer to take the stickers off of the bags, though. That way, I can stick them in my pocket and throw them away when it is convenient.


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Actually red bio bags are not the answer either. I believe most hospitals ect have to pay by weight. We just had an inservice on what should go in these bags. You would be amazed- just because it has a drop of blood or body fuids on it does not mean it goes in bio- Anything that can drip, flake off, or be squeezed goes in and only blood product Iv tubing. Reason being absorbant things are ment to do just that unless they are over filled. we do not throw bandaids or pads ect in red bag at home. Anyway that is just what are hosp is going by i cant rem where they got the drip, flake ect maybe jacho or something like that

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Try carrying a black magic marker in your pocket. Just mark over pt. identifying info before disposing of the bags.

:p Thankfully Oz isn't as litigious as the US but that is great simple advice!


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As long as the person's name and information isn't visible, we throw it in the trash. I have been known to just tear, scratch, mark over that information. Don't forget G tube feedings, NGT feedings, etc, with information on those also. AND when the patient is discharged and wants their name band cut off, it has the same information, don't just toss that in the trash too.


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we just put ours in the trash but i never thought about it.

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