Dislocated Shoulder


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Does anyone have any advice on a dislocated shoulder. My b/f dislocated his saturday night and they sent him home in a sling and that is all they said. Thanks


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No, they put it back into place, but like why does he need to keep the sling on for 24/7 for 6 weeks. How much movement should he be doing b/c he said it's really stiff

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Please call his doctor and ask - without knowing all the specifics (and even if we did) we can't offer a medical opinion. Often times just rest in a sling is appropriate. Frequently PT may get involved. These are questions his provider is best suited to answer. I hope he heals up! :)


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Thanks for the advice, I made him book an appointment with his doc.

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First I find it hard to believe thats all the ER said- but if thats the case shame on them for such crappy care. While it is true he should wear the sling for a certain period of time he should also be seeing an orthopedic surgeon. Typically in the ED's I have and still work in the D/C instructions include the instructions to follow up with said orthopod. Typically having the patient call the next day so they can be seen as soon as possible as depending on the severity of the injury ie damage to ligaments, tendons and ect a patient may require additional treatment. Said treatment may include just rest and ROM exercises, PT or in more drastic instances surgery.

I would double check any discharge paper work to make sure that follow up information was just not covered in you verbal instrucions. If no referal was made then you have picked the appropriate action to follow- seeing ones PCP and going from there.


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The sling is to keep the shoulder immobilized so the ligament heals as it has been damaged. It is easier for another dislocation to occur in the healing phase, hence the sling. There is a high probability of recurrent dislocation once the initial insult has occurred so you kind of have to be careful in the future not to overstress the shoulder again. Each recurrence happens easier because of the permanent stretching out of the ligaments. I have also heard this referred to as derangement of a joint.


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Thanks so far for all the advice. He banged his elbow last night on the bad shoulder and i'm like u gotta be sooooooo careful.

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