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Today was my first day in clinicals for my CNA program.

Oh. My. Glob.

It was just the worst thing I've ever seen. The clinical instructor said that the other two clinical instructors with our school refuse to go to this nursing home and have threatened to quit. There are no gloves to be found in this facility. She said if you happen to stumble upon a room with a box, fill your pockets with them because you aren't going to find them anywhere else. There are no alcohol preps to be seen. Someone asked where the Virex or other cleaning supplies would be to wipe down the shower seats and whatnot. The CI said she talked with administration and told them to keep their CNAs in check because they are notoriously mean to the students and one even started a physical altercation with a student two years ago over vitals being done incorrectly. And worst of all, there is no clear indication about who is in isolation. There is no sign on the door and "they might have an isolation cart by their door, but most likely they won't because, well, this facility is disgusting." How is this place still running??

It's just so disappointing and I think I'm in a little bit of shock. I wasn't expecting perfection, by any means, but I also wasn't expecting so a dump. Our teacher is so strict about doing everything by the book. We do not cut corners. We have it drilled into our heads how to do things right and we get here and it feels like it's almost impossible. :no: To keep ourselves safe, my class buddy and I went and purchased some latex-free gloves and a bunch of alcohol preps.

I just wanted to vent a little bit. I have to be back there bright and early in the morning and needed to get this off my chest. On the upside, I checked off on Hoyer lift today with no problems.


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Oh man I thought my first clinical site was bad. I'd be tempted to go and buy gloves for myself. I would definitely not work there when I was finished.


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God at my first clinical site, the nurse used one spoon to dip in the applesauce, mix pills and give the residents their meds. One spoon, unlimited residents. Barf.


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So when are you contacting the state ombudsman? Someone needs to advocate for the patients, and clearly, neither the nurses working there nor the ones training you will do it.

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NORC - Locate an Ombudsman and State Agencies. :: Locate an Ombudsman

This is where you can find out how to contact the ombudsman in your state. You do not have to give your name.

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I'm sorry that you had to go through that as your first clinical experience. Those poor residents... I agree with the two posts above. The Ombudsman needs to be notified.

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